Google AdSense – Things to know before you start

Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Launched in 2003, it has become the first choice of online publishers for monetization (a fancy term for making money) , because it is easy to set up and backed by Google’s proven system.

Google Adsense is a self serving platform – where you as a blogger or online publisher can apply for inclusion in the program.

Once approved, you can add the code to your website – and ads (from Google partners) will start running of your website.

When these ads are seen or clicked by users to your website – Google gets paid by the advertiser. Google shares a part of this with you.

It works for bloggers – because they do not need to sell advertising or collect money and it works for Google because it gets a ready base of users to show its partner’s advertisements.

Should you use adsense on your website?

Use it if your website gets decent amount of traffic. If your website only gets 100 unique visitors a day – Google Adsense will not create any magic for you.

If you are getting 1000 uniques a day – for sure think about it.

Right way to do it.

Do not overdo it. Maintain a good content to ad ratio.

Go for 20% or less ad and 80% or more content on a page.

Read and keep abreast of latest changes with adsense. A good place is Inside Adsense blog.

How you get paid?

First payment is made once you earn a $100 dollars.

You can choose to get a cheque mailed to you.

More about Adsense

There are different types of Adsense programs. AdSense for content, AdSense for videos, or AdSense for games.  These are for different types of content.

You actually do not need a huge website. Whatever be the size – once approved you can start running ads. If you can run many websites, all website can use same adsense code. No need to apply again.

What makes the monetization so easy with Google AdSense? 

Once the code has been placed (implemented) on the site, ads start appearing on the site automatically.  Google AdSense software figures out quickly what the site is all about and which ad groups would be the best suited to your website’s or blog’s content.

High traffic accounts for high clicks and higher number of clicks account for higher number of earnings. So higher the traffic – higher your earnings.

Is it the best way?


Affiliate marketing and direct ad sales are a better way to monetize.

If you are just starting – you can start with adsense and learn about other means of making money online. Slowly you can implement them one by one.

Hope this is good to get you started.

If you have more questions – ask in comments.

(Updated 02/13/2012 with inputs from editor)

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