Directory Submission- How effective as an online marketing technique?

Let’s say initially you submitted two articles almost every day on different directories for six months and saw some great signs of improvement in your web traffic. Then you decide to take a break for a few days or trim the quantity by half for the next two months. What will happen?

You might gain a little bit of the traffic during these months but it won’t get you the same number of visitors as you used to a few months back. The reason being, directory submission is an unending process. Once you reach on the top of search engine ranking page, you’ll have to keep things working in the same manner to maintain the position.

Directory submission has been one of the most effective and most economical ways of creating quality links to your blog or website. However, you need to put in constant efforts to maintain your position. If you’re planning to cut back the number of submissions, don’t be surprised if the ranking of your site starts dipping.

Maintaining a steady flow in article submission does mean that you should start bombarding readers with information more than they can digest. There are hundreds of directories where you can submit your posts to obtain links. Besides this, if you think enough optimization has been done for one specific keyword, make efforts for the second most important keyword.

Here I’m listing a few important things that you must train yourself on before utilizing this SEO technique:

1. Stay Put, Linger On

Don’t expect your website to do surprisingly well within a few weeks of link building. Directory submission is not a quick and short term process. Submitting once or twice a week is not going to make much difference in your website traffic. Sprints don’t help; instead you will need to linger on and make unswerving efforts.

2. There Are No Shortcuts to Success

If you think something miraculous will happen as soon as you start submitting articles or blog posts on directories, wait for some time. You’ll soon realize that there is no secret to success other than working constantly with full commitment and dedication.

3. Groundwork Needs to be Right and Thoughtful

No matter what marketing gimmicks or tricks you learnt over a period of time but the groundwork has to be right. You have to strictly adhere to the SEO guidelines/white hat online marketing campaign and make every effort to provide browsers with an enhanced experience. Research your niche well, create a plan and make sure that each submission maintains quality. Without the right groundwork, you can’t achieve your online marketing goals no matter what you do.

Directory submission has been around for many years. It is one of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website through link building. However, spammy and bad quality content can further degrade your online image instead of doing any good to you. Maintain quality and utilize this SEO technique to its fullest.

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