Digital Marketing: It is OK if your don’t do these

Digital Marketing is a creative pursuit.

Like any creative activity – you cannot be rigid here. So it helps if you are spontaneous and natural with your efforts.

Do not focus much on SEO

These days when I look at the link profile of many authority websites, i do not find a link in DMOZ. Back in the day getting listed in DMOZ was at the core of your SEO efforts.

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These days it is ok – if you worry less or do not worry about search engines. Look at a site like Upworthy, which some are calling fastest growing media company in the world. Upworthy focused all its effort on curating interest content and writing headlines and rest was taken care.

So do not worry about search engine algorithm updates. You need not think about writing for search engines. It is good to know the basics though to make your content more findable.

Do not do keyword research

There are many bloggers who loathe the term keyword research. It seems so confusing and time consuming to them. But they do it because they think that it is hard to grow without keyword research.

Part true, but not all is lost without keyword research.

Just focus on what challenge your customers are facing – provide a solution in form of your product or service – and see it take off.

Even better – do customer interview and online surveys.

People who are in the game for long run – now that it is good to learn about keywords but it makes sense to let them flow inside content. Same goes for writing, link building and managing social media.

Do not write like a professor

Write as you will speak with a friend.

This recent article on LinkedIn by Vivek Wadhwa captures it beautifully.

Being natural also shows your human side and creates a foundation for good connections.

Do not focus on link-building

These days it is OK to see some small site outrank really large sites. I need to dig more into this, but one thing is clear that we have a more level playing fields these days than ever. You just gotta believe in what you are doing and put your best foot forward.

What are the actions – you will like to add to this “Digital Marketing – not to do list”?

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