What Makes Me Hesitant To Choose A Keyword For The Next Post?

Having issues related to the selection of perfect keywords?

Have written lots of articles but no traffic to the site?

It’s a serious problem.  You need to understand why there is no traffic despite lots of articles on the site.  It might be the poor quality of articles or wrong keyword selection.

I can imagine you are too good at quality content, but how to judge the keywords.  How to identify which keyword is perfect for your site? or just in a simple word – how to avoid being caught in the selection of wrong keyword.

What happens when you select a wrong keyword?  The result – no organic ranking in search engines thus no traffic, not likelihood of being read by your existing readers, thus wasting of time, and not at all tendency to be shared thus no referral traffic.

Here I’m going to reveal my own secrets of selecting perfect keywords because that is what makes me hesitant to pick one.

If the keyword is not relevant to my site

Exactly, I wouldn’t write any content related to health issues on my digital marketing website.  This is what the relevancy does not match.  The perfect match for digital marketing website would be related to the keywords that define similar things such as digital, online, and internet platforms.

It is the biggest trap most blogger don’t even realize.  You should care first your own domain for which you are creating content.  Don’t disqualify for being an authority site.

If the keyword is some sort of definition keyword

This is somewhat makes me hesitant to choose keyword for my next post.  Because there are already too many authority sites that have proven record of providing great definitions.  Everyone knows that Wikipedia and quite a few other websites are the best for definition purposes.

So, there is only less likelihood of creating another post totally based on just definition for a keyword – most of the time it makes me more hesitant if my site already contains too many of similar posts.

If the search volume of keyword is little or no

Ask yourself – what’s the need of choosing that keyword if there is no one searching for?  I mean it simple in a very simple way.  Suppose I am selecting a keyword that only 10 or no people are searching for, would any benefit of writing it.

I always try to look for the keyword search volume because that ensures me the value of that keyword.  I personally choose a keyword that has a descent amount of search volume such as “as low as 100 to 500 and no upper limit.”

If the keyword is too competitive

And, the last is undoubtedly keyword competition.  If the keyword is too competitive, I would avoid selecting for my next post.  If the competition is high, it would be difficult to come up on the first page of Google in a natural way.  I need to have to do lots of efforts to rank that post.

It’s always a wise decision to pick low competition keyword that is having the likelihood of ranking well as well as the likelihood of being easily found by readers.

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