6 Reasons a blog increases the likelihood of being found on the web

If you are not an internet marketing geek, and most of us are not, blogging is the best way to start increasing the likelihood of being found on the web.  A blog is the best way to start getting noticed on the web as well as to start getting digital customers.

Today, digital customers are not only huge in numbers but also prospective (highly targeted).  Thus far a blog has become one of the biggest digital marketing tools.  Below are the top 6 reasons to start a blog to increase the likelihood of being found on the web:

1.  Many people are not writers:  Not because they don’t know how to write but what and why to write.  Small business owners don’t even realize that writing could be a great source of customers, and at the same time, a few of us are still thinking that blogging is an old fashioned way.  In my point of view, it’s neither old nor new but in their improved phase.

2.  Today SEO is a dinner talk:  Whenever we talk about the digital marketing or Internet marketing, SEO comes first.  For most of us, it’s still a puzzle but more often discussed even at dinnertime.  People believe that it is the way to promote website and get customers.  Its true SEO is the way to increase the likelihood of being found on the web, but blogging is the way to increase SEO efficiency.

3.  A blog is a way of using more keywords:  Geeks more often talk about keywords and believe that keyword is one of the most important elements of digital marketing and that is absolutely true.  Keywords are the words by which you are telling your readers and web properties about your website.  A blog is the best and only effective way to implement keywords over and over again through blog posts and blog pages.  Keyword usage could increase the likelihood of being ranked higher in search engines.

4.  Build great online relationships:  A blog is the best way to establish a relationship with digital customers.  A blog would lead dual opportunities – one is to write about you (your business and products) and other is to write previous experiences (such as testimonials as well as your expertise and reach).  This could lead you to engage with customers and increase client base.

5.  Call-to-action:  How to accomplish goals through call to action?  How to write effect content for call to action?  A blog is the simplest and easiest way to add a call to action.  Effective call to action is much beneficial in terms of getting leads or sales.

6.  Smart blog contentSmart blog content always get shared by other people too.  Smart content not only get noticed on the web but increase the likelihood of being found.  Smart content represents for highly informative content.  If you recommend someone else for something then in return they recommend you for something.  A blog is the best way to add frequent content.

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