20 Digital Marketing Pinterest Boards For You To Follow

Pinterest Boards are also termed as Pinboards.  These days Pinterest is becoming the one of the most popular social networking sites.  It is one of the most interesting things online also.  The number of Pinterest Boards is growing tremendously day by day.

Pinterest has become one of the great digital marketing tools.  Digital marketing experts are sharing some ideas and tips for you on a regular basis.  It would be wise to follow along.  Giving latest insights and trends is the beauty of Pinboards.

Here is a list of 20 digital marketing pinboards for you to follow along:

1.  Digital marketing

Description – Pins about mobile marketing, SEO, SEM, QR Code, Social Network, Public Relations, Content and so on…

2.  Digital marketing infographics

Description – Digital marketing infographics to help marketers and advertisers keep up with the ever changing landscape of digital companies, strategies, and social media opportunities. I attempt (as best as I am able) to Pin from the original source of the #infographics

3.  Facebook and Digital Marketing

Description – Facebook Marketing, Facebook Pages, Facebook advertising, Facebook marketing strategies, Facebook marketing tips. Want help with digital marketing? To get free Facebook Marketing Strategies videos

4.  Social media, Digital Marketing, and Communication Jobs

Description – This board will be home to awesome jobs outside of the DC area.

5.  Online Marketing

Description – Not available

6.  Basisboek Online Marketing: training and course material

Description – Infographs, pictures and video’s on internet developments, connected to ‘Basisboek Online Marketing’. More material on our Dutch website: www.basisboek-onlinemarketing.nl

7.  Online Marketing & SEO Infographics

Description – Social Media + SEO + Social Business + Online Marketing information and infographics.

8.  Awesome Online Marketing Infographics!

Description – Here’s a collection of 100+ online marketing infographics.

9.  SEO & Online Marketing

Description – Not available

10.  Online marketing & ecommerce

Description – Not available

11.  Internet Marketing Books

Description – Not available

12.  Internet Marketing Statistics

Description – The latest stats on technology, ecommerce, social media and more.

13.  Search Engine Optimization – SEO / Internet Marketing Board

Description – What are the Benefits to Using Pinterest for SEO? Pinterest offers Do-Follow links, which basically means when Google crawls Pinterest to index it, your links tell the search engine to follow your links, and it boosts your rating. There is also No-Follow link, which means that Google would simply ignore your links, but this is not the case on Pinterest, which is to your benefit.

14.  Social Marketing Tips

Description – A community board featuring tools, tips, resources and cool infographics to help you understand and use Social Media for your business. Follow the contributors – they’re all savvy, creative, interesting peeps!

15.  Web & Social Marketing

Description – Web & social marketing goodies curated by a web marketing geek with 10 years in the game.

16.  Social media marketing

Description – Not available

17.  Social Good Marketing

Description – Examples and ideas of social good marketing

18.  Top Social Marketing Guru’s

Description – Pinterest Top Social Marketing and Social Networking People – feel free to add people with over 25,000 followers.

19.  Marketing,SEO And Blogging Infographics in 2012

Description – Here you’ll get more online marketing, content marketing, link building and SEO related graphics!

20.  Blogging

Description – Blogger’s useful literature

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