What To Tweet – My First 50 Tweets For Your Inspiration

To Tweet, or not to Tweet, if tweet then What To Tweet?

It’s all good to know that Twitter is good and using Twitter is beneficial for blogs and digital marketing, but the question is “what to tweet?”

To let you come out of this puzzle and hesitation – below is a list that I have recently tweeted over Twitter for your inspiration and to let you understand “how do I tweet?”

What To Tweet – 50 Tweets For Inspiration

1.  Hello!

2.  Just here to be here!!

3.  Definitely it is good to have at least communication!!!

4.  I would love to teach you “how to fish”, but can’t where I am catching exactly.

5.  Digital marketing learning can’t be done without practice – isn’t it?

6.  Why let Seth have all the fun? – a kind of artist

7.  What to do to have a real good thing? – advantage not granted

8.  What kind of art (not exactly to sing a song or playing guitar) you have ?

9.  Seth might be helpful in terms of defining your artist – you must know!

10.  Keyword Research? – How to do keyword research for SEO?

11.  What are the different types of blogging?

12.  Direct marketing – how to reach every digital customer?

13.  Three kinds of people are currently browsing for digital marketing – do you know?

14.  Are you getting my point? Who are searching for digital marketing articles (content)?

15.  1. Poor firms don’t care the competition in their industry 2. Average firms following the competition 3. Unique firms creating competition

16.  The first one is learning, second one is practicing, and the third one is creating a certain kinds of digital marketing-

17.  The categories of Internet Users

18.  What are the different types of Internet Users? Would like to know

19.  How to organize your digital marketing efforts?

20.  Why bloggers have fun in the content?

21.  How to convert ideas into blog content

22.  One of the top tips for blog content ideas – “withhold the moment”

23.  The sites which are online empires today, how was at the time of start? – toooo simple!

24.  From nursery to phd – online success tips?

25.  4 different kinds of businesses getting maximum SEO benefits – do you know who they are?

26.  1. Q&A sites – is it?

27.  Participate into a Digital Marketing contest: I am happy to announce that my first contest is ready for you – you have 12 hours – ready go!

28.  Digital Marketing contest #1: What is the perfect structure of an organized digital marketing 2013?

29.  The perfect digital marketing structure explained –

30.  How to get traffic from Twitter?

31.  Share some insights on Twitter Usages!

32.  I think it’s true – “don’t care for online world, create something of value, online world will care for you”

33.  Seth Godin-“Don’t worry so much about the ‘online’ part. Instead, figure out how to create value. The online part will take care of itself.”

34.  Who love web surfing?

35.  If I know you well then what prohibits me – is it communication?

36.  What is one of a kind marketing?

37.  Who have started their business as one of a kind?

38.  Do you know web surfing is more refreshing than a cup of coffee.

39.  Web surfing can actually make you more productive at work.

40.  What is helping you to lose money online?

41.  I am in the race, you are in the race, then who is not in the race?

42.  After making 999 mistakes, I realize how near I am to success.

43.  Why we need you in order to make us leader

44.  Leaders know it well and are making money online:

45.  No need to create a second web page for the same topic – write everything in one single page?

46.  Copywriting agencies are acting as content farms – content deluge

47.  Who are the biggest content publishers online? – Social networking sites!

48.  Who is the most popular online – social networking sites?

49.  Who is the most popular online social networking site? – Facebook!!!

50.  Link Building – methods of linking websites

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