Types Of Direct Marketing – methods to accomplish this effectively

There is only one type of direct marketing and that is to reach every customer.  It’s up to you by which methods you are connecting with customers.

But again, what are the different types of direct marketing?  Which forms of direct marketing have worked for others?  Keep in mind – techniques of direct marketing wouldn’t remain the same – testing, testing, and testing would lead you to the most effective types of direct marketing.

Below are some methods of direct marketing which direct marketers have found awesome for their campaigns:

Direct Mail Marketing

Many people know this as postcard marketing.  It is the older form of direct marketing where marketers send their messages in print form.  Direct mail is a part of print media.

Although the cost per thousand impressions in direct mail is slightly greater than mass marketing, but the response most often is also satisfactory.  Again, it is a part of testing and testing to find out which is working for your products and services as it differs with types of products and types of prospects.

What is most appealing – prospects or conversions?  For me – conversion is most important but don’t undermine the prospects.

Find out – what is target marketing and how to find prospects?

Find out – examples of direct mail marketing

E-Mail Marketing

It is one of the most widely used types of direct marketing.  This form of marketing is also known as e-mail database marketing.

One of the most important tasks is to collect and customize emails – database of prospects.  Sending emails in bulk (mass mailing) is not so difficult.  There are numbers of mass mailers and email software available.

Direct marketers often use email extractor, but how much it is effective?  Obviously, the databases obtained from email extractor are a mix of people, prospects, and real customers.  Again, testing would help you a lot if you are willing to run a cheap campaign.

But, remember the databases obtained from direct mails (the people who have responded) make huge impact on company’s reputation.


Direct marketers often found that telemarketing is most effective when followed as a follow up communication.

What is follow-up communication – very simple “communication after communication).  For example, the first communication you have made with direct mail – then with email – and then with mobile phone.

Fax Marketing

Fax machines were primarily the best tools for business-to-business direct marketing.  Offering something good in order to improve the office structure, office environment, and productivity at work – have always been appreciated by business marketers and office staffs.

SMS Marketing

This is how anyone can reach directly to every digital customer.  SMS marketing or text messaging allows businesses to reach individuals at low cost.

There are many ways to optimize the SMS marketing – such as sending sales alerts, new offers, website links, meeting schedule, etc.

Television Marketing

Companies often use television commercials to sell and promote their products.  This type of direct marketing is also known as infomercial marketing.

You can run your direct marketing campaigns both nationally or locally.  Again, the best thing is testing – find out what is working the best for your marketing campaigns.

Take a wise decision and select the time when most probably your prospects and customers are watching TV.

Internet Marketing

We all have seen the tremendous growth in internet users worldwide.  Internet marketing is also called online marketing.  Internet is one of the biggest and most popular tools of digital marketing.

There are so many channels which direct marketers can choose for their next direct marketing campaigns.  For example – newsletter marketing, social media marketing, opt-in marketing, etc.

The challenges of direct marketing alert you to take an expert advice, although testing can make you perfect for sure.

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