Top 4 Secrets To Traffic Pulling Content

Creating traffic pulling content is a bit hard and requires more time and efforts, but worth 100 times more than creating simple articles every day.

Usually traffic pulling content refers to organic search results, more shares, more likes, more comments, more SEO backlinks, and more visibility online.

By looking at the success from last year, it’s my personal gut that there should be some more modifications (addition of some more modules) in the overall content creation.

Usually module refers to formats and styles of the content – for example – instead of just plain text, podcasts, videos, PDFs, graphics, etc.

Before just drag you to the words of the content, I would like to pull your attention on the thing is that there is no formula for success, it’s just a matter of hard work.  Most often to whom you refer a great content or great content writer is nothing else than their hard work – so be wise and do a bit more in-depth job.

Top 4 Secrets To Traffic Pulling Content

These are not the biased opinion of the author, but these are the things which anyone can simply find out on the web.  These are my own secrets which can be yours – first judge and then make a practice.

1.  Meta List Posts

No one would deny that list posts still work great and would be great.  The reason is simple list posts provide more opportunity and more options for readers to get self help with various examples.

Let’s say – what if I’m giving you only one secret to traffic pulling content instead of top 4 – yeah, more options and thus more self-help thoughts, right?  You got it.

One another example like this one – 15 tips on how to make money online.

Now, the facts regarding list posts have changed a bit and that is towards providing more options and more examples.  For say – instead of top 10 things – one should get more attention mentioning – top 50 or top 100 things.

Format and style could also be changed such as – “50 of the most important ________”, “50 reasons why ________”, or “50 ways on how to _________”.  These are the formats for your examples.

How to go with the list posts inside content is also very crucial and important to understand.  Inside the content – use multimedia modules.

If I create a post on “top 100 bestselling online authors of 2012” then not only I will write the reasons for what they are bestselling but also add author’s pics, profile links, links for their books, their interviews, any webinars or videos – all in order to put maximum value.

Meta list posts have already proved to be one of the biggest tools to get maximum online traffic as well as SEO benefits in the past – will continue to lead in the future.

2.  Meta Categories

I mean it to say and I’m continuously observing Meta Categories as one of the most favorable kinds of traffic pulling content.  Bigger categories are getting more preferences.  What does bigger categories mean?

Category is what we put a certain types of articles into – such as – digital marketing or content marketing.

If one website is having 10 posts in a certain category and the other website is having 100 posts in similar category then definitely the later website will go on top of the results.

Reason is simple – more posts offer variety of content as well as variety of issues which is good for users and traffic.  That is why categories are getting indexed quicker than posts.

3.  Meta How To’s

Instead of plain “how to” text – the things which are pulling more and more traffic and views are videos and podcasts – a shift towards multimedia.

Not only “how to get blog content ideas” is needed but the format and use of different modules are the characteristics of willing articles (content).

Traditional “how to’s” should be left behind – not only step by step modules are needed to grab the maximum attention but also PDFs, video transcripts, graphics and screen shots.

These shifts are needed in your content in order to put at the upper level where people can find it easy and comfortable to share and link your content.

As I have stated above “there is no secret behind success – it’s a matter of hard work”, a hard work can never disappoint you.

4.  Be Open For Infobiographics

What does it mean to be open?  There is no need to hide anything.  Digital marketing leaders are free to access.  Don’t forget wherever we all are is due to those leaders who gave us information for free.

Create infographics on your own digital journey, show top creative, reveal top creative ideas, list top posts at one place, report monthly income, success stories, case studies, feel free to give interviews and many more.

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