The Rise Of Social Networking

What is social networking?

Open the door, see who is on the road, go to him, and say “hello!”

Now, you are not alone on the road – you know one out there.

Again, go out of town, approach again one more people, and say “hello! I’m John!”

Now, you are not alone in the country – you know one more out there next town.

And so on!!!

This is what social networking is.  Human beings need a society.  They just can’t live outside the society.  We need someone to talk – someone to ask – someone to give – someone to help – someone to remember – someone to be with.

This builds the concept of social networking – the rise of social networking.

Before modern communication channels (such as Internet and mobile phones), the only way to socialize is meeting personally and physically.

Now, the case has changed tremendously and the Internet has supplemented the process of social networking to the uppermost level and that is social networking online.

Facebook is not the first social networking site.  Before it, a lot of social networking websites came and gone.

The invention in technology never stopped.  Ideas and concepts have grown, technologies have grown, features and designs have grown, many sites have been launched – some of them are engaging a greater amount of people, some of them are engaging a moderate amount of people, and finally some of them have disappeared also.

Today the statistics reveal that two-thirds (more than 65%) of online adults use social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

What does this piece of data reveal?

“Being online doesn’t mean social networking, though it’s the most popular online.”

The people who start using Internet most likely tend to learn how to find other people online.

By looking at the Alexa ranking of a website (that is based on online traffic), it seems most people start their Internet journey with Google followed by Facebook followed by YouTube, etc.

It means after knowing “what is”, I may want to know “what is”, and so on!!!

From the above data, it reveals that more than 65% Internet users are using social networking sites and primarily Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

What social networking sites are popular online?

The reason why these sites are most popular online is that these sites are free to use (become a member for free).

The very basic nature of social networking sites is to facilitate people to open a free account, create profile, write their bios (such as name, address, hobby, skills, desires, etc.), add pictures, create a community (such as friends and followers); and after share anything with anyone online.

This idea (to share anything) has been welcomed worldwide.  People fond social networking very beneficial in two ways:  1) entertainment and 2) knowledge.

Entertainment is what making friends, chatting, enjoying pictures and videos; and knowledge is what learning new things, getting more informed on topics, getting new ideas, reading products reviews, and so on.

One can easily understand the rise of social networking by following these examples:

Students found social networking very useful in terms of keeping in touch with existing friend and lost friend as well as making new friends – including the elements of social entertainments and worldwide knowledge.

Educators found social networking very useful to teach their students “what is Internet and social networking?”

Professionals found social networking very useful in terms of keeping up with clients and customers as well as maintaining professional attitudes.

Business owners found social networking very useful in terms of searching new clients and customers online.

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