Top Characteristics Of SEO Experts

I was in a meeting last week with one of my clients.  There were interviews going on for hiring SEO experts.

I was asked by the HR manager to attend the interviews and help identifying a dedicated and organized SEO expert for in-house purposes.

Most of the candidates looked like robots because they were answering in a robotic form.  It seemed they were answering like search engines (algorithmically).

Let’s say for an instance:

Q1.      What are the techniques of SEO?

One of the common answers was which most of the candidates immediately started talking:

A.        On-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building, article submission, directory submission, social bookmarking, classified posting, forum participation, social media marketing, etc.

Q2.      Why you are using these techniques?

And again a robotic answer:

A.        To get to the first page of Google and to get different kinds of online traffic.

Well enough!

My point is – no doubt they know SEO and pose the ability to do SEO for a website, but what they lack is the marketing part – that is SEO marketing or in general strategic SEO marketing.

I added a few more questions in order to dig a bit more:

Such as,

When everyone is doing the same techniques:

  • How would you differentiate your site from the top 10 resulting websites?
  • How would you be able to secure your position in top 10?
  • Is getting to the top position enough?
  • Why it happens that sometimes #2 site is getting more traffic than #1 site?

The thing I was trying to find is that are they organized.

We are living in a software era (power tool).  Software helps us saving time and money – again well enough, but do I need it everywhere or do I need one for my SEO.

That said for example, people are using link builder in order to create lots of overnight links to get the search engine benefits of link building.

There are a wide variety of article rewriters are available, but should we use that for content creation?

I mean these are the points which need to be taken care of.  You are not going to get anymore SEO benefits with these kinds of power tools.

Top Characteristics Of SEO Experts

Below are a few characteristics I hope would help you to become a better SEO expert:

  • Intact natural but towards authority
  • More and more content but for users
  • Better user navigation
  • Complete content not halfway
  • Manual links not generated by software
  • Identifying keyword possibilities
  • Adding more keywords with articles
  • Anchor text into internal and external links
  • Learn how to dominate digital marketing through SEO
  • Learn to become strategic SEO marketer
  • Focus on branding the site rather than just SEO
  • Does your SEO get the attention of search engine

Hope you enjoyed it!

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