10 Realistic And Achievable Blogging Goals


I can assume you already have a blog, if not then have one today.  Definitely, you should have your own domain, not free one.  Free domains can only make you feel good as a kid blogger, not as an adult blogger.  By having own domain – I mean to have a good domain name selected and registered at authorized registrar – for domain, I always prefer GoDaddy.com.

How to setup blogging goals?  Experts reveal in order to be successful you need to create some goals, but it’s hard to know how to actually setup different blogging goals.  Below I am presenting you some of my own blogging goals that I’m currently working on.

Top 10 Realistic Blogging Goals

1.  Create one more new category:  Add one more new category to your blog and target lager audience and reach out for greater attention.  It’s not difficult to add one or find one.  Realistically, it’s one of the easiest achievable blogging goals.  If someone is already interested in your blogging strategies they might also like content marketing strategies.

2.  Plan one more new pillar articleYaro Starak has a great opinion on pillar articles.  It’s up to you how you are going to implement the process, but no way harmful at all.  It’s definitely a worth taking action if you are setting up different blogging goals.  I do have taken further many steps towards creating pillar articles for alloutdigital.com.  For your inspiration, see this post – top 15 most popular email subject lines and this one also top 15 most popular digital skills to list on resume.

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3.  Get a new theme:  It would be very boring if you’re still using the same blog theme for many years or even many months.  Try something new and add this one into your blogging goals because the first it’s not unrealistic or unachievable and second it will attract you and your readers.

4.  Join one more new social networking site:  I know you are already using Facebook or Twitter or both, but my point is to join one more social networking site, i.e., if you are using these two already then join one more such as Pinterest.  I have added Twitter in my list – you can follow me at – twitter.com/nmdjha.

5.  Start guest blogging:  Nevertheless mostly new bloggers just ignore this part because they do not feel guest blogging can help, but you should definitely add this in your overall blogging goals.  Writing 10 articles for own blog and one more for guest blogging is quite a realistic and achievable task that you should consider including in your blogging goals.

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6.  Master the SEO:  SEO experts are in demand.  They are having the expertise to not only analyze what people are searching but also how to be available for their search.  They also know their target audience very well.  Search engine optimization refers to optimizing the blog for maximum exposure thus maximum traffic.  Stay updated with what Google has updated in their search algorithm.

7.  Outsource some remarkable tasks:  Outsourcing can help you achieving your overall blogging goals.  Goals are different for different bloggers, but if you would like your blog to grow quickly or grow bigger, you need someone to help with.  It might be possible that you need more content or more links for your blog.  Adding outsourcing into blogging goals is pretty realistic thing and not so hard to achieve.

8.  Do one more blog comment daily:  I know it’s not easy to do frequent blog commenting especially if you are solely running your blog, but if there is something desire going on behind the scene then you should consider this as one another blogging goal.  I would add more on the best practices of blog commenting.  For your reference – see how I have done one blog comment at clicknewz.com.

9.  Read someone else’s blog posts for inspiration and motivation:  Last week I read a blog post by Mohit Pawar entitled 5 words for 2013.  Articles or blog posts reading is already included in my blogging practice.  This helps you in two ways – increasing your knowledge in details as well as getting a fresh idea for your next blog post.  See how I am coming up with frequent blog content ideas and blog topic ideas.  And at the same time, I’m also considering reading some inspirational books – at present I am going to read The Icarus Deception – know more here in an interview of Seth Godin by Mohit Pawar.

10.  Monetize your blog:  If you’re not serious about monetization, you may be not serious about blogging as well – given the preferences.  If you already have one then there is no point to make loads on your readers with ads instead of valuable content.  But, if you don’t have any monetization on your blog then consider one in order to make your blogging more professional.  For your convenience you can try Google AdSense or other affiliate programs such as Amazon or ClickBank.

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