The Perfect Structure Of An Organized Digital Marketing

Why organized digital marketing?

Why you need to create a perfect structure of digital marketing strategy?

Whether it’s a challenge or an opportunity, you should re-organize the whole Digital Marketing Department.”

Whether it’s Digital Marketing Team or Digital Marketing Campaign, you are forced to organize your digital marketing efforts in order to stay on top or at least to survive in this competitive world.”

Either you believe in truth or live in denial – fact remains the same.  2013 is going to be more competitive in all terms as compared with 2012.

What should be the perfect structure of a dedicated and organized digital marketing?

Well! first things first – time has gone when there was no need of SEO – it was too simple to get into the first page of Google Search Engine.

The simple fact is “only 10 websites will get a chance to secure the position on first page of Google – nothing else.”  That is why you need to be organized.

Organized Digital Marketing Structure

In order to create a strategic digital marketing – you need to have a perfect structure for such.

One more thing I would like to bring you in attention – when everyone will do the same, what would make the difference?

Below is a complete structure of an organized digital marketing recommended by industry experts – they found helpful in 2012 thus would work in 2013.

I don’t expect you to be a poor digital marketing firm who just ignores the competition – a short tempered player.

1. Online Profile Management

A dedicated digital marketing organization secures a well-managed online profile.  What is online profile management?

Why top brands are creating a pure monopoly in their industry?  One of the simplest reasons is they are present (having well managed brand profile) on various web channels.

For example – you need to have a website, a blog, a YouTube channel, a Facebook profile page, a Twitter profile page, a Pinterest profile page, Ezinearticle expert author page, etc.

In order to organize online profile, you need to have a dedicated digital marketing team who will be responsible for creating profiles of your brand on various authority websites.

This will bring you authority in your industry, brand reputation, as well as traffic back to your site.

2. Search Engine Optimization Management

Thus far, people are very much aware of the importance of SEO management and why you need an organized SEO team?

By looking at the amount of traffic search engines could potentially provide you, you should not ignore optimizing the site for search engines like Google.

If every SEO expert is implementing the same techniques, how would you differentiate yourself?  Would you like to chase the competition or create the competition?

Average digital marketing firms are chasing the competition, but the top firms are creating the competition which later on average firms will follow.  Who are getting the more benefits?

So, think again!  SEO experts also need to be organized, thus keep an eye on the team and campaign.

Recommended tips by industry experts – you digital marketing requires more filtered keyword research and analysis, Google AdWords campaigns, and perfect reporting for the same.

You also need to have a dedicated and organized external SEO team who will be responsible for activities such as – social bookmarking, blog commenting, participating in Q&A sites (ex. forums), directory submissions, etc., although these have very low effect on overall digital marketing campaigns.

3. Social Media Marketing Management

More and more people are associating with social media sites – both brands and customers.

Creating profile on social sites are not enough.  The number of friends and followers are also not enough.

How you are interacting and how often you are interacting will make the difference.  Keep in mind – target those sites which are less crowded and less saturated – such as Pinterest at present.

See – how Pinterest is different than other social media sites?

See – how to optimize Facebook page for search engines?

4. Content Marketing Management

Both content creation and content marketing are equally important.

In order to have an organized digital marketing – you need to have a dedicated content creation team who will be responsible for creating content for various marketing purposes and communications.

Content for website, blog posts, PPC ads copy – content not only for the sake of content, but primarily for users perspective and customers point of view.

See – blog content ideas and blog topic ideas

Also see – Facebook ads copy

5. Email Marketing Management

Though many people believe that e-mail marketing is not so much effective, but the response obtained, with given time and money, it’s worth re-organizing and having a dedicated email marketing team.

Recommended tips from the industry experts are – create more compelling email and newsletter content, maintain frequency and order of emails, and segment prospects as quickly as possible.

See – email marketing best practices

And also – viral marketing

6. Google Webmaster Tool Management

It’s worth using Google webmaster tool – do you know why?

In order to improve the overall website performance, one should expect to use Google Webmaster tool.  It helps identifying the winning factors.

Would like to know who is linking to your site and why?

See – how to use Google webmaster tools

7. Google Analytics Tool Management

It is as important as any other factors in a dedicated and organized digital marketing team.

Analyzing the website performance, types of traffic, sources of traffic, how people are getting your site, and who is buying your services and products – can you afford to miss all these things?

And for that reason, you need to have an organized Google analytics team who will be responsible to make reports found under Google analytics tool.

In order to stay in the competition or create the competition – your digital marketing department should have a specialized Google Analytics team.

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