My 4-Hour Web Surfing Work

Researches indicate that web surfing enhances accountability and productivity at workplace.

Web surfing can actually refresh your mind.  According to new study, surfing web at work is actually more refreshing than having a cup of coffee at cafeteria.

Webmasters like me and you are more efficient and effective at the tasks because web surfing is one of the parts of our work.

4 reasons why you should subscribe to this series:

  • What is web surfing
  • What is my 4-hour web surfing work
  • Who should read this web surfing series
  • What are the points of attraction in this web surfing work

What is Web Surfing?

Web surfing is all about accessing all the different kinds of World Wide Web no matter whether planned or unplanned.

It’s also known as playing with computer and Internet by visiting one website to another website.  Sometimes you do web surf searching for a particular topic and another times just being enticed by some interesting web links.

What is My 4-Hour Web Surfing Work?

For me it’s a campaign work and for you an advantage.

I do lots of web surfing every day because I am a web researcher and it’s a part of my daily work.

I find most of the sites very interesting and insightful which I think I should share with you.  Not only have you got an awesome idea on different topics but some sort of benefits too.

And that is the reason why I would like to put more focus (my 4-hour) every day on a particular website or web page and present you the whole concluded information from that site.

Primarily, I myself would choose the website or web page, but you are also welcome to help in that sort (you can also suggest which site to be reviewed next).

For example –,,,,,, etc.

Who should Read this Web Surfing Series?

My 4-hour web surfing work is one of the several ways of helping online users, students, readers, webmasters, digital marketers, etc.

To save your time and effort, you should read this web surfing series.  Where students will get concise information, webmasters will get the information which would be helpful in terms of professional growth.

What are the Points of Attraction in this Web Surfing Work?

Every day I will pick a website myself or as suggested by you and then will create a note of things like mentioned below:

  • Name and link of the websites
  • Brief history of the websites
  • How they are interactive for users
  • The reason why they are authority sites
  • What are their most popular keywords
  • For which keywords they are ranking on top


Through my 4-hour web surfing work, I will be reviewing one new website on a daily basis especially designed for students and webmasters.

To make the effort worthy, you should join the series via comments.  The more comments you make the much valuable information you get.

I am going to be intact with my schedule, what’s you?

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