Exact match domain – exact keyword match domain?

It’s always been one of the biggest challenges for a brand new website to rank higher – not for the domain but for the primary keyword?

Lots of discussions, interviews, queries, debates, and QAs have been going around the World on the topic “exact match domain” – like this one – should I use the exact keyword in my domain?, and, is Google penalizing the exact match domain?

Exact keyword is what people are searching – for example, Amazon, all out digital, digital marketing services, etc.

If I am searching for Amazon or all out digital – what Google would know that I am searching for Amazon.com or alloutdigital.com.  Google is trying to give you the best possible results.

It is one of the biggest advantages for companies to be found for their company’s name.  And, it was the actual reason where people started buying domains based on the primary key phrase.

It was the undue advantage biased on the basis of domain name.  But now, the real question is that is this advantage still there?

Keep on reading great insights are still to come up.

We have seen the updates from Google – panda updates, penguin updates, and exact match domain updates.

Why these updates?  What Google is trying to do?

Is it the intention of Google to don’t let newers (new webmasters or new websites) to come up in the playing field?

Or, is it the intention to remove clutters and spammers from the playing field?

Is it the Google who said you to do SEO to your website or create a new website?

The finger has been raised.  The playing field has been leveled.

For those who don’t know what is ranking higher – getting into the top 10 positions of various search engines?  This is what the definition of SEO.

Behind every website – there is a reason – reason to solve the real human problems.  And, that reason is actually the primary keyword.  Take a look how to do keyword research in this report.

We all know “every store should reflect their specification”.  What is that specification?  Exactly that specification is what your store serves to the specific customers.

Unless your brand is very big – how I would come up with the idea regarding your services?  And, that’s why you need to tell upfront about your niche.

In case of a website – primarily what we all have to do to have a domain containing the word in it.  And that is where we think going with Exact Match Domain (EMD).

So, the simple answer to this puzzle is that it’s always been good for your primary keyword whether it’s highly competitive or not.

Though the advantage will be less (not low), but if the exact match domain is available – prefer to take one.

Exact match domain is not going to be noticed again and again if your website has great content – the content which readers and Google simply love to have on top.

Try to create lots of content in order to make a bigger website – both quality and quantity are needed.

2012 has been great for me as I have created quite a few great websites based on the exact match domain specifications and some of them are in the first page of Google SERP.

I am very much excited to share my experiments – really – keep on reading and commenting.

Good luck with your new exact keyword match domain!

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