Top 15 Most Popular Email Subject Lines

You are in for a win if you know – how to create catchy email subject lines.

This works whether you are writing personal or promotional mail. Once you have (or learn) a skill – you can use it anywhere and get you email read.

The best email subject lines makes the reader curious, make a promise and at times create a feeling that reader must be missing something. She may be, actually.

Before we see some examples of good email subject line – let us talk about the core.

Best email subject lines are brief. Around 40 characters.

Why? Because – any longer – and it will not be visible in the email reader pane.

People tend to put call to action in their subject line. This is the command approach.

People wouldn’t do if not asked to do.  So the very first thing into any email is to write a catchy subject line with proper call to action.  They wouldn’t respond if not provoked or enticed to take any action (feedback).

Email Subject Lines That Work

Here are some examples for you to get some inspirations before hitting the send button for your next email marketing campaigns:

  • Put it as short as possible
  • Make some sort of controversy
  • Use proper keyword phrase
  • Illustrate benefits in advance
  • Don’t forget call to action
  • Mention the time of action
  • To whom get the most benefits
  • Consider using numbers and counts

The above facts are only for your inspirations to observe what might work.  This gives you an idea towards creating the best email subject lines regardless of purposes.

Top 15 Most Popular Email Subject Lines

To help you more with the examples of email subject lines that not only got click and read but got some sorts of actions too:

1.         3 BIG Ideas To Kickstart Your Profits In 2013…

Noble Samurai has created this catchy subject line for their email marketing campaigns where they promote a great tutorial to make you a successful online business owner.

2.         1,618 reasons why you need to read this email…

Gideon Shalwick is promoting a video with this catchy email subject line.

3.         What Is Holding You Back?

Yaro Starak from once again is helping their readers in different way.

4.         Tips To Ignore Exercises

This kind of email subject lines is known to be the best.

5.         9 Great Affiliate Niches

Who wouldn’t like to read this email?  Matt Carter from is giving you some great affiliate niche ideas.

6.         Mastering the Mobile Web: Content, Design, Email, and Sales

Michael Dunlop from has created an awesome post on mastering the mobile web.

7.         22 Useful Tools

Welly Mulia is showing you how to use technology to automate things that are necessary for your online business.

8.         How to Build Real Links that Google Loves!

Spencer Haws from is showing you how to build real links for your website that Google loves in terms of value.

9.         11 Life-Changing Business Lessons from Zig Ziglar

Again, Michael Dunlop has great success with this email subject line in terms of post views also.

10.       Millionaire In The Making – On Stage in Front of 18,000 people!!!

Matthew Harris from has done a great success because he used one of the most popular email subject lines in their email marketing campaign.

11.       100K a Month on Amazon

Matt Carter is teaching you how to make 100K a month on Amazon.

12.       How to discover and grow your cash cow keywords

Wordtracker shows you how to discover and grow the list of keywords that might possible pull some cash for you.

13.       Spend More. Save More. Simple. Up to 30%. finds this kind of subject lines very helpful in terms of both brand awareness as well as domain sales.

14.       Free Upgrade to Basic Membership for 30 days! offers their members to upgrade their membership to get more results and that is for free.

15.       Final Notice!!

Study reveals that the email subject lines which contain the exact same words “final notice” get more read and conversion.

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