Direct Marketing – Reach Every Digital Customer

Direct marketing is a kind of marketing system where sellers sell their products and services directly to customers without intermediaries.

Direct marketers are forced to pursue digital marketing.  One click measurable response of digital marketing provokes direct marketing.

Everyone want to maximize their customer base, but how to reach every digital customer?

Why to target digital customers only – because digital medium connects a large section of the people from around the world.  The explosion of digital media makes it much easier for sellers to reach every digital customer.

What is Direct Marketing?

“A direct marketing communication between seller and customer without intermediaries”

The definition of direct marketing – consider the following sequence:

Direct – Database – Interactive Marketing

What is the meaning of marketing communication and how to be selective in its process?/


How does Direct Marketing Work?

  • Sellers or service providers create or purchase the database of digital or virtual customers.  Customer info might include residential addresses (direct mail), e-mails, mobile phone numbers, fax numbers, etc.
  • Sellers send messages to that database
  • Sellers tracks and measures the responses by customers such as “order and action

That’s how direct marketing is also known as:

“direct order marketing”

“direct action marketing”

Direct marketers recommend – build the relationship with customers in order to get better response from them.

“direct response marketing”

“direct relationship marketing”

What are the Channels of Direct Marketing?

Direct mail marketing, e-mail marketing, catalog marketing, fax marketing, telemarketing, etc.

Why digital channels are the most widely used media? – medium that saves time, efforts, and expenses.

Why going digital in direct marketing is most beneficial?

  • We all are interconnected with some sorts of electronic (digital) devices such as – computers, laptops, iphones, tablets, androids, internet, mobiles, etc.
  • Tracking and measuring the responses (orders) in digital marketing is quite easy.

“direct digital marketing”

“direct response digital marketing”

What is Direct Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is the process of linking different communication messages.  The beauty of integrated marketing is to make a harmony among campaigns.  Tips – one campaign should be followed by other campaign.

How to Integrate Direct Marketing Strategies?

For example – alloutdigital might launch a new software by arranging some interest through news stories and paid ads (such as newspaper ads, magazine ads, and TV ads) offering a free book on how to get the most out of this software.

Alloutdigital would then send the book who responded along with offers and pre-retail price.  Then they would then follow along with e-mails and telemarketing.  Response rate goes high as they supplement each other.

Get to see the examples of integrated marketing communication.


The Growth of Direct Marketing

Sales generated through direct marketing (both traditional and digital) have been growing very fast.  Digital world is one of the biggest contributors in direct marketing.

The growing sales rate in business-to-business market is very lucrative.  There are advantages for all.

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