Top 15 Most Popular Digital Skills To List On Resume

21st century digital marketers are hitting the mountain of ice and the most important job for them is to hit the ice in a way that it starts melting.  They way technology is changing and the way competition is increasing, it becomes very much important and crucial to not only adopt and learn various digital skills.

Through this post, I would like my readers to not only know which digital skills are most important but also to give appropriate links so that you can learn that skills too.

Winning digital skills to list on resume

In order to create a winning resume that looks different from the crowed, below is a helpful digital Skills To List On Resume:

1.  Domain and web host registration

Webmasters and digital marketers should be well versed with the practices of domain and web host registration in order to create online assets such as websites and blogs.


2.  WordPress blog setup

WordPress platform is one of the most popular CMS (content management system) that helps you organize different pages and posts on websites and blogs.  It is the best known tool to get SEO benefits.  A few elements include use of plugins, widgets, etc


3.  Free blogs, wikis, squidoo, hubpage, etc.

In order to create online platforms for brands or teach students, these are the free tools that every single webmaster and digital marketer should be well versed with.


4.  Content planning

One of the most important skills to list on resume is content planning – content for websites, blog posts, and ad copies.


5.  Keyword research tools

Nonetheless this digital skill will put you on top of all.  You should know how to use Google AdWords Keyword tool, SEMRush tool, Market Samurai tool, etc.


6.  SEO tools

One of the most important tasks associated with digital marketing and online marketing is SEO.  Thus, use of SEO tools is must such as Google Webmaster tool, Google Analytics, Keyword rank checker, organic keywords competitor tool, etc.


7.  Online advertising

In order to build a brand or create an online community – PPC advertising such as Google Adwords and Facebook is must.


8.  Social bookmarking

You should know how to use social bookmarking to share resources with and between readers and customers.


9.  Exploit digital images

How and where to use digital images especially if it’s someone else?  Again, it is the skill to list on resume to look like digital expert.


10.  Use video content

Whether it’s a task to create video or edit video or even upload or download videos, if you have listed this on resume – you will win.


11.  Use social networking sites

How to use social networking sites to connect with online customers?  Social media marketing is on peak, so 21st century digital marketers should be well versed with it.


12.  Digital portfolio management

All brands need to have a well organized digital portfolio and thus they are paying attention to it.  So, digital portfolio management is a must skill to list on resume.


13.  Detect plagiarized content

What is plagiarized content and how to stay away from it?  It is the primary responsibility of every single digital marketer or webmaster to have plagiarism free content on websites and blogs.


14.  Issues related to copyright

You should understand various issues related to copyright and use of online material so that your brands wouldn’t have any legal issue related to copyright material.


15.       Mobile devices such as tablets

21st century digital marketing is incomplete without mobile marketing.  Research studies reveal that more than 60% social networking has already gone on mobile devices such as tablets.


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