Digital Marketing – Why Leaders are for Free?

Google is free for searching any web pages or web links.  There is absolutely no fee.

Google mail (Gmail) is free for sending and receiving emails.  There is absolutely no subscription fee.

Similarly, Facebook and Twitter is free for social networking and YouTube is free for watching videos.

There are many examples to show you, but the fact I would like you to notice is that these websites are the actual digital marketing leaders.

Is Google is one of the biggest digital marketing leaders?

I say yes not because that they are teaching you digital marketing or not, or even not because they are giving you any digital marketing benefits or not, but because Google is attracting a large number of populations.

Similarly, Facebook and YouTube are attracting a large number of populations worldwide.

Are they the primary characteristics of successful digital marketing?

Of course, the whole purpose of digital marketing is to attract more and more people.  Later on, it comes to attract targeted people or so called prospects.

But, the prime concern of any digital marketing activities is to get traffic to the site.

And for THIS reason, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on, are the actual leaders online.

Why these sites are called leaders in digital marketing?  Because –

  • They are leading the technology,
  • They are leading the webmasters,
  • They are leading the customers,
  • They are leading the business owners,
  • They are leading the medium of interactions,
  • They are leading the free storage and free host,
  • They are leading the facilities for free,
  • And so on!!!

So, what is the actual key point here?

The point is that in order to get something from others first start giving to others.  Google is giving you to search the web for free.  Google Mail is facilitating you to send e-mails.  YouTube is giving you opportunity to watch videos for free.

This tool (something for free) is very powerful and has potential to lead you to the top (in the long run).  The one who is leader is giving something anytime anyway.

The best take for digital marketers is to find the way to help prospects out there for free at certain point.

Most of us whatever things have learned online till date are the hard work of digital marketing leaders, and it’s true, most of the information that are available online are for free.

It should be the inspiration for us from our leaders.

Our leaders reveal two kinds of paths:

  • How can we reach our customers – follow existing paths
  • How can our customers reach us – creating new paths

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