Digital Marketing – Link the Study of Marketing Concepts to Digital Media Disciplines

Digital marketing is not a formula by implementing which anyone can get the taste of success.  You should be proficient in different marketing concepts to link with various digital media disciplines.

What is the study of marketing concepts?

Although experts have offered various definitions of marketing and related concepts, but the most important thing is what makes you a good decision maker and helps you gaining positive results.

Thus, these are the concepts which require you to understand the nature of market and the choices of customers.

These two complementary fields of marketing and digital media technologies (activities) need to be integrated in a way that provide with a unique marketing experience in order to make you a great digital marketing professionals.

Those students wishing to make their career in digital marketing should be well versed with the fundamentals of digital marketing and that is to link the study of marketing concepts to digital media disciplines.

And at the same time, digital marketers need to understand the importance of digital technologies and their application to marketing.

What are the Most Important Marketing Concepts?

Marketing concepts primarily include:

Markets or industries; marketing analysis, research and planning

  • principles of marketing – meeting social needs for profit – in broader sense – understand the need in society – identify individual’s problems – create a solution (products or services) – name the products (Branding) – state benefits – wait for feedback
  • analyzing marketing opportunities – called marketing research (presale, at the time of sale, at the time of consumption, and post consumption), target audience, market demand, product ranges and standards, and the market competition
  • consumer behavior – customer insights, business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business consumer behavior (nature of customers)
  • developing marketing strategies – marketing plans and strategic marketing
  • taking marketing decisions – advertising and public relations, social media marketing, paid and non-paid online marketing modules, global and local marketing
  • managing marketing communications – individual communication and mass communication, verbal and nonverbal communication, and communication languages and words both spoken and written

What are the Most Used Digital Media Disciplines?

Online platforms (Internet) are the most widely used technology among all digital media disciplines.

Various digital media disciplines include:

  • introduction to digital media – the meaning of being online, the most popular online, differences between websites and blogs
  • types of digital interactions – the meaning of web 2.0, search engines, social networking, social networking sites, different kinds of content (text, videos, podcasts, graphics, etc.)
  • digital advertising modules – blogging, search engine optimization (both organic and inorganic), pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, pay-per-action, pay-per-sale
  • online traffic – online leaders, types of web traffic, traffic sources, global traffic vs local traffic
  • commerce –payment methods, types of shipping, online security
  • website engineering and design – domain, web host, web design, content management systems, wordpress, blogger, HTML coding, website themes, pluggins, widgets, content publishing
  • digital media software and applications – android, mobile applications, graphics, certain kinds of activities related software

As of now, I have tried to address you the facts associated with digital marketing and that is to link the study of marketing concepts to digital media disciplines.

In the coming posts, I will try to discuss more on how to integrate marketing concepts with digital media?

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