Digital Marketing – can be exploited to Meet your Communications and Commercial Objectives

The truth is that anything you do online or participate in any kind of online activities – is a part of digital marketing.  And, it’s true that digital marketing can be exploited to meet your communications and commercial objectives.

In the previous post, I have discussed a lot on digital marketing and that is to link the study of marketing concepts to digital media disciplines.  Find out here – digital marketing concepts media disciplines.

You might ask which kinds of communications I’m talking about.  It might be a simple chat, texting, fun elements, ideas worth spreading, knowledge partners, pictures, creativity, likes, offers, or even sale speeches.

As a simple human nature, we all want to convey our feelings, emotions, desires, ideas, opinions, and messages to others through words – both spoken and written.

So, the role of communication is to connect with others – peers, friends, colleagues, professionals, or customers (make a new one or existing one).

What are commercial objectives?

Commercial objectives vary from personal development – to personal branding – to personal advertising and promotion – to brand promotion – to website promotion – to products and services promotion – to sale of goods.

In order to make the communication happen, you need a medium to deliver the speech (message) – mobile phones, e-mail addresses, social media accounts, websites and blogs, etc.

And of course, the digital media are the most widely used and convenient media in terms of communication consumption as well as time effectiveness.

Communication might be at the personal level or professional level – to meet personal leisure or emotional communications – to commercial objectives (products and services sale).

The medium for the communication might be the same, but the languages and words used must be different with the given objectives – speech varies with the given recipient.  See how to develop demonstrative communication skills.

In order to fulfill commercial objectives, the goal of communication needs to be changed as well.  You need to know how to persuade others and learn persuasive writing.

Talking to a friend is all-the-way different than talking to a customer – the basic nature of dialogue.

Digital marketing offers both one way and two-way communications – the effect is instant messaging or web 2.0 properties.

Digital marketing offers both free and paid modules of communications.  Meeting communication and commercial objectives through social media is free if you do it yourself, but if someone else is doing it for you they might charge.

Through blogs anyone can meet their communications and commercial objectives.  It is a way to create paths for our customers to find us.

Through social networking (sites) anyone can meet their communications and commercial objectives.  It is a way to follow the path to find our customers.

Through e-mail anyone can meet their communications and commercial objectives – again following the path to meet our customers.

Through YouTube videos anyone can meet their communications and commercial objectives – most used in terms of creating a path for our customers to meet us.

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