9 ways to find blog topic ideas

Are you searching for blog topic ideas?


Let me share how I find blog topics.

See if you are serious about your blog – you need to update it on a regular basis.

A good practice is to think simple – do simple.

Also take time to know why you are blogging and what your readers want to read.

And after you get fresh blog topic ideas – take time to convert it into easy to understand and useful content. Use keyword research if you want to find search engine love.

9 ways to brainstorm/find Blog Topic Ideas

These ideas work for me and I wish work for you.

Happy reading 🙂

1. Think of your own problem

Whatever be focus of your blog – think about what challenges you as an individual or as a business face.

Offer a solution to that problem.

For example – my post on how to get frequent blog content ideas emerged from my challenge of finding new blog content ideas.

2. Go back to old comments

If you have an active blog or community where people are making comments on your posts, then just go back and you will find some fresh ideas.

You will find questions. Answer those questions.

This will make your blog relevant for your readers.

If you end up choosing a comment to create your next blog post – mention the name of the person who wrote that comment. This is like acknowledging the source.

If you are not getting many comments – you need to do something about it. But that is the topic for another post 🙂

In this case – you can look for the comments on other good blogs – this will give an idea what readers are looking for.

3. Go to popular forums in your niche

Internet marketeers look at industry forums for link building opportunities.

But times are changing – so no good to build links at forums.

But still value good forums provide hold. Look at the discussions – and you will find new ideas – new questions to be answered – new blog posts to be written.

4. Read other blogs in your niche

What is going on in your industry?  How you know the latest updates in your industry?

You must read.

See what other bloggers are writing.  Stay tuned to 10 blogs, you will get enough blog topic ideas.

Subscribe to their feeds and build on what they are writing.

5. Read Case studies

Read case studies in your industry.

Reading will give you angles for new blog posts.

Better still – create your own case study.

6. Ask your readers

Ask readers to help you.

This is a good idea when you have a good number of returning visitors.

Try this – have worked for me – and will work for you.

See how Mohit Pawar connects with his readers.

As always mail me with your suggestions, notes and things you’d like to read here.”

Personal touch is good.

You can go a step further – by installing a form which asks readers – what they want to read in future. Use a simple survey tool like Qualaroo, to ask your readers – once installed this form sits in one corner of your website and encourages your reader to share their thoughts.

7. Write something funny or an opinion post.

If nothing works and you are just clueless, don’t bother and wait.

Just post a rant, personal opinion, post something quirky or funny.

Good for you – and good for your readers – once in a while it is good to deviate.

8. Get some news from the news sites

News sites are good for finding new and fresh blog topic ideas.  All you need to do is to connect that news topic into your niche. You have endless supply of news. Pick one item to make a fresh blog content.

9. Guest posts

Last but not the least – allow guest blogging on your blog.

Getting good guest bloggers may take some time, but once you get good guest bloggers – may be you will have more posts than you can handle.

In this case guest bloggers propose blog topic ideas, and you can pick and choose.

And, beware of SEO agencies pitching their client links in form of a guest post submission.

Now what?

Get started with these ideas and take your blogging to next level.

Happy blogging.

Also share in comments – how you find blog post ideas 🙂

(Updated 1/14/2013)

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