Blog content ideas – how to get them

You might be struggling everyday for a new blog post idea (topic).

Like me – you might often feel wasting time hunting to write a new and fresh piece of content for your blog while sitting for a long period of time in front of the computer with Microsoft Word opened.

What do you mean by blog content ideas?

An idea that leads you to write something – something on a certain topic”.

Just hold on! again, just hold on!! and see what happened!!!

Take this piece of content as an example – take a look on the blog topic itself “it is how to get frequent blog post ideas?”

See – 25 blog post ideas that you can use instantly on your blog!!!

Write it down – just write down a new blog post for your own blog.  You might come up with a new topic for your blog – like this one – “7 of the most simple blog content ideas.”

By doing so, not only you have a new content but also a fresh topic for your blog – which is going to be loved by both blog readers and search engines.

Well! it’s not as easy as stated, but also not that too difficult to make a habit to write at least 2 to 3 new blog post content every day.

Converting the will into an action requires you to have the capacity to “withhold the moment” especially when all of the sudden an idea hitting the mind.

So, one of the biggest tips for getting blog content ideas is to make writing a habit first and then let your eyes open for new issues in your niche.  Although there is no doubt in your credibility or expertise, you should be well versed with the chronic pain that your readers are having.

How to convert Ideas into Blog Content?

Now, my habit is –

  • to find a new blog content idea,
  • to select a few root keywords to describe the whole idea,
  • to do proper keyword research and competitor keyword analysis,
  • to create a great headline for the topic (blog post) – see how to use headline analyzer tool?,
  • to outline the blog content,
  • to create a content embedded with long tail keywords,
  • to organize the different root keywords for the same topic and then appropriate keyword phrases into that articles maintaining appropriate length of the articles (approximately as low as 500 words and as higher you go you get greater value,
  • to let the world know – publish content – my blog has been updated now – where “don’t miss any blog post” is doing very well in terms of blog traffic as well as blog promotion,
  • to sit for a day or two and there are some more new visitors to your blog, some more leads, some more sales, some more businesses, some more money; but apart from that as a writer I simply love to write things (articles, stories, videos, and website content) every single day and every single moment,
  • and again, to get a fresh idea for the next post – again and again – every 2 hours – creating 5 articles a day – not on autopilot – on own shoulder – ensuring value for the readers.

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