6 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Threat To Content Marketing

The threat is on the door and that is – content marketing deluge.

One day, we all would have to face it.  What would work then?  Would it be the collapse of search engines or loss of internet users?

If the content marketing is the biggest threat to content marketing – then – who would expect to have the real benefits of content marketing?  Are there any needs of special strategies?  Or, how to make a shift from simple content marketing to great content branding?

6 Threats To Content Marketing

Below are 6 reasons why content marketing is the biggest threat to content marketing itself:

Reason 1.        Nine out of 10 business-to-business marketers are going to produce much more content this year than they did last year.  The 10th is either small investor or big investor (the smallest investment may be an hour of time or $10 for a domain).

Small investors in content marketing actually don’t bothering anyone anyway; however, big investors in the content marketing also do the same but in different manner – what is that?

Big investors in content marketing are actually focusing on great content branding.  Great content branding stands for the creation of brand on the pillars of great content which people will be remembering for.

Sites like Wikipedia will always be known for their great content and thus in online world it is a great example of great content brand.

To maintain the principles of organized digital marketing, your marketing department needs to build out a specialized team of content creators.

Reason 2.        SEO agencies are becoming content production houses.  Is it the right option to produce quality content?

It’s ok, if you are running out of time, to outsource everything, but how much you and your customers would rely on the information?

You are more informed on the topic as far as information is concerned than SEO agencies from an underdeveloped country.

Reason 3.        Social media agencies are acting as a catalyst in the content sharing system thus provoking content production systems.

Social networking sites are the biggest online publishers.  The irony is that likes and followers are the fundamentals of great content.

Reason 4.        The word “content” is becoming the most popular power tool online or offline (web pages, audios, videos, pics, etc.).

The reason why there is content marketing deluge is the amounts and varieties of content produced.  Everyone is talking about content, content, content, and content……

Reason 5.        Copywriting agencies are making multiple copies (content rewriting, content aggregation, content curation, or at most creating a side along discussion) for the same topic with the same messages again and again.

Is content marketing the reason of chasing top search engine positions?  Think again, search engine algorithms could change drastically anytime anyway – after all it’s their own business, not yours.

Reason 6.        Dependent publishers (- or contract publishers) are re-branding themselves as content marketing experts.

Again, 9/10 people who learn digital marketing are going to start blogging about how to blog and digital marketing tips.

Two ways to stay away from the content marketing deluge

  • Start creating great content and brand yourself as a trusted resource.
  • Start creating content for the niches that are less discussed online.

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