5 Types Of Innovation That Lead Today’s Digital Marketing

Today’s digital marketing is not the same as it used to.  There are a lot of innovations involved in the building process – from traditional TV advertising to cyberspace advertising.

Same as entrepreneurs, innovators also live by their own wits and that is the biggest reason how they are inventing things.

By looking at the workouts before any innovation – it seems both planned and unplanned innovations.  Not all the innovations are accidental.

In a broad definition – innovation is a diverse activity.  In laboratories and manufacturing houses, colleges and discos, and even at home coming after work, people are thinking out how to do things better.

As a result digital innovators not only gave us some pleasant surprises that later became our need but also they became our thought leaders.

Digital camera by first look has no direct importance in human life (we can live without camera, but can’t without food), but now being as a photographer it’s my breath and bread.

The reason of this post is to meet you through the 5 different types of innovations that are leading today’s digital marketing.

Search engines

The primary reason for this innovation was to search the web, but later it became the issue of how to search the best of webs – it means how to search the top quality web pages.

Today, everyone knows about the Google search engine.  We all are using it habitually almost every day to find something new or of own choices.

This became one of the biggest digital marketing innovations as it serves not only the biggest amount of Internet users but employs a mass of professionals on its own behalf.

Pay-per-click and pay-per-impression are the leading methods of digital advertising – search engines give them the reasons to be successful.

Social media

This is the type of innovation which provides us two-way digital communication.  Web 2.0 takes all the credit for such.

Social media sites (such as Facebook) and other web 2.0 properties (such as blogs) made it easy to connect with other people and share thoughts and creative ideas.

It facilitates interaction in the cyberspace.  People come to have some fun and entertainment whereas digital marketing professionals find many opportunities in it.

From creating Brand’s profile page to customer care – today’s social media sites are the second most important leaders of digital marketing.

E-mails (electronic mails)

Direct mail still takes more than 24 hours to reach the destination.  Definitely e-mail is the leading innovation because it reaches the destination in a second.

It is the type of innovation which best fits into personal communication – later it became a medium of business communication also.

By having millions of e-mail users – digital marketers are finding great opportunities to meet business goals and ethics.

E-commerce (electronic commerce)

E-commerce innovation is the boom in commerce sectors.  E-commerce helps reaching global customers as well as a wide range of products comparison.

Whenever we talk about e-commerce website, Amazon comes first and handy.  Due to the technological advancements and user interface, today’s e-commerce stores attracts not only online buyers but digital marketing professionals too.

E-commerce stores are open 24/7 even without any direct human presence.  What an innovation?


Who have thought there should be an online video website?  The innovation of multimedia features and real time usability made YouTube to become the leader of today’s digital marketing.

Initially, it meant for some entertainment purposes – but later on adopted as the leading digital marketing innovation.

From brand recognition to brand promotion, product features to product usage, songs to movies, and tutorials to political campaigns – multimedia attract both customers and digital marketers.

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