15 Tips On How To Make Money Online

Specially designed for students, marketing executives, and entrepreneurs!

The process has been divided into 4 equally important parts:

Part I:  Brain Wash

1.         Stop Googling “how to make money online”:  Not because there is no room for you or you shouldn’t want to earn money, but because the instructions you are going to get by doing that is going to provoke you lose money online.

I love this quote – “I would love to teach you how to fish, but can’t tell you where I’m catching lots of fishes.”

2.         There is no shortcut:  You are not going to make money either online or offline doing nothing – millions of websites have not built in a single day – millions of articles have not published overnight – millions of videos have not uploaded today.

3.         Get rich slower:  The chances are that you are going to find stuff promising you to make 6-figure income in a month or $1000 daily in your account.  Don’t take cheap attention.  Learn how slowly you can go to the top – from $1 to infinite.

4.         Take it as employment backup:  Not because it would help you in recession or at the time of unemployment, but because it would keep you involved in work.

5.         Connect the disconnected:  There are unique strings between every two people.  Fortunately, those strings are disconnected – think about connecting the disconnected waves.

Part II:  Learn Skills

6.         Learn how to write:  Persuade through writing – become better persuasive writer.  More than 85% of the World Wide Web are filled with “words.”  You can find almost any information.  Chances are you wouldn’t get disappointed if you are searching for any topic online.

7.         Learn blogging:  Learn the technology (how to use mobile phone, how to operate computer, and how internet works).  Not because it’s a way of making money online, but because it’s a way of promoting and proving yourself online.

8.         Learn how to code the software:  Mass love simply the modernism.  Through software anyone can let them feel modern.  The more people you involve online the more money you make online.

9.         Learn how to teach:  We need you in order to make us leaders.  Leaders of any kind got appreciation.  Unless you teach – how would you charge?  People often teach what they don’t know.

Part III:  Action Empowerment

10.       Create something of value:  Make money offline.  If you are able to create face-to-face value, it’s a lot easier to create value digitally.  Become the best in your niche – you wouldn’t get disappointed by your followers.

11.       Create a community of like-minded people:  Figure out who and why should join your community.  Is it exactly what you are providing and what they are looking?  Stay intact on the center and keep growing.

12.       Create a strong profile:  Stand alone – remove yourself from the crowed.  Be in the periphery – not out of periphery (don’t get escaped).  Let people access your online profile.

Part IV:  Remove Clutters

13.       Don’t quit your day job:  Start with small failures.  You can still make money online by doing 4-5 hours work weekly.

I love this quote – “after 999 committed mistakes I realize how near I am towards the success.”

14.       Don’t think about online part:  Create something of value – online part will take care of you.  Again, don’t think much about digital technology.  It’s not that hard to understand.

15.       Don’t think about advertisers:  Who will pay me?  Just think about getting attention of like-minded people – create a community – bring more and more people at one place – advertisers will automatically come to you.

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