Types of blogging – Personal and Business

There are two type of blogs.

Personal and business.

Personal Blogging

People use it to express, record and share thoughts.

Most of the bloggers do this kind of blogging.

There are millions of these blog – on hosted platform like Blogspot.com, WordPress.com and Tumblr.com

Some people – take it one step and created hosted blog – mostly using their own name for a domain name. Anyone can start a blog like www.YOURNAME.com Such exercise is done to gain the added benefit of personal branding.

Business Blogging

“The Soul of Blogging – identify the root of blogging, understand the blog topic, do deeper keyword research, find other relevant keywords, plan and organize the content, produce lots of content, share the content to the world, and make profits.”

Business blogging can be done in variety of ways.

One can do it to,

  • Become an online publisher
  • Grow revenue out of online content
  • To make money online from displaying online advertisements
  • Write tutorials and impart online coaching
  • Getpaid by writing for some one else
  • Build a company’s brand
  • Do products reviews
  • To generate leads for your own or someone else’s business

These are the basics, we will keep sharing more.

Meanwhile – you can choose any one of these two types of blogging as it suits you.

Good luck and stay connected.

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