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SEMRush Keyword Tool

I am writing this SEMRush review with an intent to share about a good keyword research tool – and also to make the case for keyword research to grow your website. site says – (it is a) “service for competitors research, shows organic and ads keywords for any site or domain

SEMRush helps users in doing research about competitors.

It tells which keywords your competition is utilizing and getting profits from, which keywords you are missing in your site, what are your competitors’ organic and ads keywords (one of the top secrets), how they are ranking above your website, and many more…

The question in the mind of someone who is to new to the service,

  • Is SEMRush a keyword research tool?
  • Is SEMRush an SEM tool?
  • Is SEMRush is the best competitors keyword research tool?
  • How you can profit from knowing organic and ads keywords of any site or domain?


Do I find this tool profitable?

Yes, I do.

Here is how.

Because – like any growth-oriented internet marketer, I know the importance of keyword research. I also know that right keywords helps us find the topics to write which can be make or break your website.

Let us use an example to understand this.

When you travel – you first decide where you want to go.

Similarly if you want you website to rank high for a keyword (means whenever someone searches for YOUR KEYWORD – you want to be among top 10 or better top 3 results) – then you need to first decide on that keyword.

SEMRush – helps you find these keywords – which are right – for you to create content – that you can profit from.

Once you have the right keyword – you can decide on a good site title, blog post titles. You can also find right opportunities (keywords with low click through rates) for your PPC campaign.

With right keywords you can rank faster and higher – and this can help in affiliate marketing also. Once you do that you can make more online – that is why people work most of the time.

If you run a eCommerce website and if you can drive organic/paid traffic to your website  for keywords related to your products – you can sell more products.

So – SEMRush can help you – if you are a hobbyist – trying to make some part time income; or if you run an eCommerce website or if you are a web agency owner trying to rank your clients ahead of their competitors.

Internet marketers need to know the keywords because they need to be seen to make money.

Regardless of the quality of your blogs content and ads copy – you will not make money or get profit unless you are visible to your potential customers.

Keyword research is part of my daily routine. One day – while I was exploring different low-competitive niches – I found SEMRush.

So I find it a very useful tool.

Let us explore further in this detailed SEMRush review.

Is SEMRush a keyword research tool?


Yes it is a keyword research tool – with added features.

It is available both in a free and paid version.

Free version – as you will expect – is a stripped down version of paid offering. Premium members get full access.

Like any other keyword research tool you can get related keywords by entering your own root keywords in the search bar.

It is different – because in same  search bar you can also enter the domain name of any website (for example, or any other site).  Once you do that – the tool will show you a list of keywords for which the site is ranking in top 20 organic search engine result pages.

By doing so – you will get a whole bunch of keywords at one place for which your competitors are ranking just on top of you (search engine optimization).

Is SEMRush an SEM tool?


I find it a good search engine marketing tool.  SEMRush helps you find and monitor your competitors online campaigns as well as their PPC keywords. So you can know – where your competitors are making profits and what you are doing wrong?

This will help you add and mix different keywords in your PPC campaigns, SEM campaigns.

Is SEMRush is the best competitors keyword research tool?

Yes, I will say.

As of now, SEMRush has 42,000,000+ domains and 95,000,000+ keywords in its database.  The site response time is fast. This is what you want from a tool like this – information you need – delivered fast – displayed in an easy to understand format.

“Stealing the brain of your competitor will make you a better competitor.”

“You will be able to save lots of time to invest in other projects and utilize in more productivity.”

Tip: Search top 10 sites in your niche and then research those top 10 sites and find their keywords for which they are ranking and making profit.  You should be able to find information as recent as last month.

Why you need organic and ads keywords of any site or domain?

Are you an online publisher or online advertiser?

As an online publisher – you may be trying to get a top 10 position in search engines. As an online advertiser you need to get more clicks troughs to your website or landing page.

In both scenarios – you will find this a helpful tool.

In future I will try and share more,

  • Tips to use SEMRush for online publishers
  • Tips to use SEMRush for online advertisers

Do you know for which keywords your site is ranking in the first page of Google, number of search volume of those keywords, the amount of traffic your site is getting from those keywords separately, CPC of those keywords, potential ads providers and buyers, overall competition.

SEMRush helps you do all this and more.

Have you used it or are you planning to use it in future?

(Updated by editor – 12/22/2012)

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