Keyword Research – What Beginners Would Like To Know

keyword-researchWhat is keyword research and how beginners can perform better keyword research?  What are the differences between keyword research for advertisers and keyword research for publishers?

Unlike other Digital Platforms, Internet is designed to be operated with the help of alphabets (words) and numerics (numbers).

It’s not unusual for Internet users to use various search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).  And you are right, search engines are being to find other information around the World Wide Web.

It’s not possible for me or anyone else to remember Millions of Website’s addresses (website’s domain names).  And for this reason, we start typing “words” into search engines in order to get some other info, services, or products.

Search engines help to get other websites and web pages.  So, the very first question arises here is how search engines are capable of performing the tasks.  Online entrepreneurs might be willing to know how search engine works.

In order to create a complete guide for Keyword Research for Beginners, below are a series of questions to solve the puzzle as well as make things easier to understand and perform for better results:

Keyword Research For Beginners

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

What is Keyword?

Keywords are the “words” that have been used to describe (define) a website or a particular web page.  More often, Internet entrepreneurs used to describe keywords as the words typed into search engines by people.

What is keyword phrase? – when there is “more than one word” involved in a query – it has been termed as keyword phrase.

Below are two separate examples of keywords – one to “describe a website” and one to “describe a search engine query”:

Ex. 1.  digital – – a site about digital marketing

Ex. 2.  digital marketing – How to optimize digital marketing for Brand promotion?

What is Research?

Finding and analyzing the unknown facts regarding something – the definition of research must be more than this – but beginners can understand this easily.

What is Keyword Research?

The definition of Keyword Research – Finding and Analyzing different keywords for their popularity, usability, and commercial value in the world of Digital Media (especially Internet Media).

What do different keywords mean? – words that support main (Root) keywords plus Root keyword are known as different keywords – this is actually the reason why we do keyword research.

For example, other variations of “keyword research” are:keyword research

“keyword research tool

“Google keyword research tool

how to do keyword research”

“keyword research for SEO

“keyword research tips

Words, in bold, are actually supporting the root keywords – these are examples of different keywords.

Why you should do keyword research? – to know the popularity (search volume), usability, and commercial value of a particular keyword.

What does keyword popularity or keyword search volume mean?  How many people are searching the phrase “keyword research” through search engines in a month?

Or how many times “keyword research” have been typed into Google search engine in a month?  For example, the exact global monthly search volume for the words “keyword research” is 12,100 and exact local monthly search volume for the words “keyword research” is 4,400 in the US.

In terms of different keywords – keyword research tool – 5,400 people globally are typing the keyword phrase (keyword research tool) in the very exact manner.

It gives you an estimate of “number of online customers, prospects, audience, readers, viewers, users, people within a community, people within a particular niche – how many people are actively searching your phrase online?

What does keyword usability mean?  Keyword usage is known as the actual importance of keyword.  Is there any available product associated with that keyword or are you able to create one?

For example, in this case the term phrase “keyword research” is very helpful for webmasters and Internet entrepreneurs as well as both online advertisers and online publishers.  There are already hundreds or even thousands of keyword research tools are available in the market and you can also create a new product that can help people to find and analyze competitive keywords.

What does keyword commercial value mean?  Keyword commercial value is also known as the bid price (CPC).  It simply means that advertisers are willing to pay this amount in order to get a click or desired action.  CPC (cost-per-click) can be anything from as low as $0.10 to as high as $50 or even more.

Online advertisers are always looking for low CPC keywords whereas online publishers are looking for high CPC keywords for maximum benefits.

Is it “Research of Keyword” or “Keyword of Research”?

Obviously, it is research of keywords not the keyword of research.  For beginners, it is very important thing to identify the root keyword.  Most of the time even expert gets confused regarding such.

What is Root Keyword?

The root keyword is a word that can be capable of describing a site.

In this case – the root keyword is – “keyword” – not the research.  It means, for both human and software, the primary focus will go on “keyword”.

For example, in case of, word “digital” is the root keyword.  It simply means that the site is going to talk more extensively about digital world.

What is Root Keyword Research?

You cannot perform any kind of keyword research unless you have your root keyword in hand.  Only then you will be able to find other relevant keywords or supporting keywords.

Are you looking for root keywords?  Keyword Research for Beginners states that you already have root keywords in hand.

Internet entrepreneurs and niche marketers are keen to explore more root keywords in order to create new sites and new businesses.

If you would like to explore more root keywords then I would highly recommend you to read the post entitled 100 examples of root keywords for beginners to research.

Is it “Research of Root Keyword” or “Research of Keywords for Root Words”?

Though both are correct at their own place, purposes of keyword research would better define it.  The process of keyword research would be different in both cases whether you are researching for other root keywords or researching for other supportive keywords for the main root keywords.

How to do Research for Root Keywords?

This task is totally different than normal keyword research.  As I have stated above there are different ways of finding root keyword.  Are there any secrets of finding root keywords?

I would like to create a different post regarding my secrets and ways of finding root keywords.

But for now to make it simple, I insist you to visit marketplaces on Amazon and Ebay sites to explore more root keywords.

How to do Research for Keywords of Root Words?

When you have your root words in hand then it becomes easy to research, but requires lots of attention in order to select quality keywords.  Again, I would like to create a separate post on how to do keyword research for beginners using Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

What are the Tools available for Keyword Research?

There are a huge number of keyword research tools available.  But, I would not recommend beginners to get confused with lots of tools.  The more you grow as an expert the more yourself would be able to judge which one is useful for you.

Some examples of keyword research tools are – Google AdWords Keyword Tool, market samurai, SEMrush, Wordtracker, longtailpro, keywordspy, etc.

What about Google’s Free Keyword Research Tool?

This tool is also known as Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  Beginners should always start with this tool.  I think this tool is one of the most useful and widely accepted keyword research tools in the world.

I recommend you to read the post how to do keyword research for beginners using Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

So, what is in Keyword Research for Beginners?

In order to create a useful guide on keyword research for beginners, you must read below recommended posts:

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