Is It Worth making Your Online Marketing Women Friendly?

If your latest car advertisement or technology billboard only targets men, then take it from me that you are letting more than half of the buying population down in your marketing efforts.

Times have changed and so is the buying behaviour. Female buying decisions are no longer restricted to just home appliances, cleaning agents or food items; rather they play an equally important role in automobile and technology related things.

Think for a moment- who is more shopping savvy? Who makes buying decisions in a household? Women, of course! Even if they are not the actual buyers, they have the final say on most of the things right from electronics to furniture, appliances, vehicles and even real estate.

It’s worth every bit that you put in to make your online marketing women friendly.

Women are no longer stay-at-home moms. They are also tech-savvy and use same gadgets and electronics that men do. Then why target them only when you need to sell a washing bar or a pressure cooker? Nowadays, they hawk on everything right from games equipments to vans, from diamonds to medicines.

Not to be forgotten that older women buy more medicines, health equipments, insurance plans and other assistance than the men of same age. So, the right approach is to make an online marketing campaign as female friendly as possible.

How to Make Online Marketing Women Friendly?

Visually Appealing

Men are only interested in details but things are other way around when it comes to targeting women. They not only want to know the specifications but are also concerned about how a particular thing looks. It should definitely be visually pleasing.

Safety First

Women rate safety higher than men. In fact, it’s their first concern. So when you are marketing for a car, talk about the safety aspects. Show what features are installed in the car to ensure safety just in case something mishaps.

Family Health

Almost all women are concerned about the health of their family members. The best way to make an advertisement female friendly is to show the health benefits of a specific product. Be it food item, vitamin supplement, energy drink or a bathing bar, talk about how it can improve health of their family members.

Ease of Shopping

Why should women have their own credit cards? Because it offers them the ease of shopping! Highlight the benefits of woman special credit cards and what all they can gain using them.

Many marketing campaigns target only men thinking they are the decision makers. But this adversely affects the sales conversion ratio. No matter whether you are advertising online or in print media, it has to be female friendly because women are the actual buyers in most of the cases.

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