How To Identify Root Keywords – For Beginners To Research

Root Key Words – or – Key Root Words?

Categorize yourself – are you an “Internet Beginner” or an “Internet Expert”?

In this case, word “Internet” is common for both, so in either case your root keyword is “Internet”.

In the process of creating a simple guide on keyword research for beginners, you have seen how important is to understand your root keywords.  You cannot perform any kind of keyword research unless you have your root keywords in-hand.

To let you understand it better, in this post I am going to present a few Examples of Root Key Words in order to help beginners (and expert up to some extent) to do some keyword research practices and to utilize them for other SEO benefits.

You might be wondering about my secrets of finding root keywords and how you would be able to find some unknown and untold root words to tap into some interesting and profitable niches.

Why Root Keywords?

Understanding of root keywords will definitely help:

1.  You in order to create a high quality website

2.  You in order to create a highly-focused content for website

3.  Search engine software in order to categorize your website

4.  Search engine software in order to assign a rank to your website

5.  Internet users a better experience from your website

Root Words Vs. Root Keywords

Most often people understand that a root word is a word that remains after removing prefixes and suffixes from the word and that is absolutely correct – see the examples of root words as presented by

But in our case – root keywords are the words that represent a particular market as a whole.  It might be comprised with a single word or multiple words.  Root keywords could also look like a keyword phrase or might look like a long-tail keyword.

You are required to be very careful with the Meaning of Keyword Phrase because it changes with the addition of every single word.

For example, despite having a common word “Internet” in our reader’s categories, which have been discussed in the very first paragraph of this post, both “Internet beginner” and “Internet expert” are your next root keywords.

How To Identify Root Keywords In The Title?

Both readers and search engine robots are trying to filter every blog post title in order to separate it from the crowed.  Whereas readers would like to confirm which links are the best to click.

To give you a definite idea, below are a few examples of blog post titles:

“SEO keyword research” – it represents not only the keyword research but very specific SEO keyword research

“Niche keyword research” – it represents not only the keyword research but again very specific niche keyword research

“Niche family keyword research” – it represents not only the keyword research but again very specific keyword research for family of niche keywords

In the above all three examples – keyword research is the main root keyword, but as you go specific such as SEO, Niche, and Niche family – the meaning changes – thus signal of the title also changes.

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