How To Do SEO Keyword Research – The Beginners Guide

One of the most important benefits of keyword research is to SEO your websites and blogs.  How to do proper keyword research for SEO purposes?

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process of optimizing your website or blog in order to get search engine traffic.  Is search engine traffic the only motivational factor behind keyword research?

It is obvious that you are planning to have a good website and obviously you would like to make a quality website to help real people.  So, it is your responsibility to understand the terms they are using to find your website.

Should I do keyword research for search engine or real people?  And, my answer might be for both because both are equally important – what if there is good quality content, but no readers?  Search engines help getting you a descent amount of traffic.

The Beginners Guide to SEO Keyword Research

As of now you have learned the meaning of keyword research, how to identify root keywords, and how to use Google AdWords keyword research tool.  Now, the time is to focus on keyword research to optimize your website for search engines.

The much keywords and keyword phrase your websites contain the more chances it caters to get found in search engines.

You should use different keyword mix into your website such as semantic keywords and long-tail keywords.  These kinds of keywords will increase your website’s authority and eligibility to rank higher in search engine.

By following the steps mentioned in the post “how to use Google AdWords keyword research tool”, you will have some specific ideas on various keywords mix.  Because we have performed a simple keyword research on the term “digital marketing” there, so I would like to now perform SEO keyword research for the same term.

SEO for the Whole Website or Every Single Page?

Of course, you should perform the keyword research for SEO to every single page.  Once you secure every webpage a good SEO score, your whole website will start to get rank higher.

In order to make the best SEO effort, you should maximize the various related keyword phrases in your title and content.  For example, I am going to create a blog post with the main keyword “digital marketing”

The keywords suggested by Google keyword tool are the keywords that have already been researched by Google Robots (software).  The Google Robots know it very clear that what next a searcher of “digital marketing” would probably search (it is an idea of their next queries).

It is well-enough information already collected by Google in order to help your SEO keyword research.  What does it all mean?

What would be the Next Query of your Audience?

In our example, a searcher of digital marketing would probably look for:

what is digital marketing

digital marketing agency

digital marketing company

digital marketing trends

digital marketing training

And, many more –

These are the already researched and selected keywords by Google.  These are the keywords which people are looking for the perfect solution provider.  These are the keywords which make your website an authority site for digital marketing.  These are the keywords which search engine like Google would love to have in your website.

How many Pages for Each Keyword?

Size of niche matters a lot.  As you know, the niche – digital marketing – is very big – lots of subcategories – and there are a lot of questions in digital marketing – you are forced to create ample amount of web pages in your site.

So, not only you would need to create a separate web page or blog post for each keyword but multiple web pages or blog posts for each keyword.

“You should not left any unexplored area in your digital marketing niche! – from definition – to how to – to news – to products review – to tips and ideas”

Doing Deeper Keyword Research for SEO

As of now, you have learned the process of keyword research and have selected some other related subcategories (niche keywords) in our example on digital marketing.

Now, you should repeat the exact same process for other related keywords (niche keywords).

The much you repeat the keyword research process (not again and again – doing deeper!) the much good quality and low competition keywords you get.

If you do research on the term “digital marketing agency”, the other related keywords you will get are:

Digital Marketing Agency London

Digital Marketing Agency India

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Best Digital Marketing Agency

Creative Digital Marketing Agency

Benefits of SEO Keyword Research

Your website needs to look professional

Your website content should shout loudly

Your website needs to open the doors for all different online customers

Subcategories and even sub-subcategories are the key to success

Why not to target every 10 people if you can

What are the Best Tools for SEO Keyword Research?

As I have already stated – Google keyword tool is the best tool for keyword research – I would prefer you as a beginner to do lots of practices on this tool.

There are other tools for SEO keyword research also – both paid and free – you will get my personal experience on these tools in my separate review post.  Below are my favorite online keyword research tools:


Market Samurai


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