Blogging and Content writing – Same or Different?

Blogging is a form of content writing.

So blogging and content writing are not different.

Now I know – but during the start of my internet marketing and online writing career I used to have these questions in my mind.

  • What is the difference between blogging and content writing?
  • Should I become a blogger or content writer?
  • Who can earn more?

Because of these questions – and not knowing the simple answer – I did not start for some time. Writing was not a problem. The problems were fear, hesitation, and low confidence.

Blogging starts with a blog or website – whether owned by you or someone else.

For content writing – you do not need a website – you can write content in all forms – a whitepaper, an essay, a report. You can even ghostwrite (writing that you for other – and it is published in their name). You can of course blog – which is a form of content writing.

Blogging is done online – on a website.

What you write as a blog post – is available to be browsed 24/7 – to anyone with access to a device (computer, laptop, mobile) connected to the internet.

People can write comments on blog (most of the bloggers allow comment) and share their opinion about your writing in almost real time.

All bloggers are (content) writers.

So to  become a better blogger – you need to be a better writer.

Of of course to become a better blogger – you also need to know about blogging tools like WordPress (this digital marketing blog uses it), Tumblr and others. Also get some level of comfort with WYSWIG writing dashboard – and also some knowledge about – how to find pictures for your blog , how to add these pictures to your blog post, and how to format text etc.

You can learn more by reading the secrets of successful blogs.

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