Top Websites And Their Differences

There are many types of websites one can make use of today.  It’s no mean feat going into the particular details that distinguish one type of website from the other and we would be forced to take an entire day and night to make them clear to you, our readers.

For The Sake Of Simplicity

So what we have done is break down the vast amount of information to something that you can easily take in such that it ends up helping you.

At the same time we have to remind all our readers that the different types of websites are somewhat interrelated and they are found to be overlapping one another to various extents.

For the sake of simplicity we have clustered a few types of websites that do pretty much the same work, by and large instead of listing the top websites and their-subtle-differences.

The first group comprises of the most popular types of websites and here you will find the search engines, the directories, the portals and the yellow pages.

Of course, wee come across and interact with these top websites and their differences are well known to practically all of us.

Differences between Yahoo & Google

For instance, who needs any reminding of the difference between the rather plain homepage if Google and that of it’s competitor yahoo?

No, one really, with yahoo they have made special portals for their varied interests guests to use to navigate to where they want straight away while in Google this is not the case.

Yellow pages and other classified listings in turn break down their constituent entries into various categories and to better refine their searches once on this WebPages they are also provided the option of using an internal search engine.

The Fastest Growing Type Of Website in 2012

Another group that brings together some of the top 10 websites and their differences happens to be personal websites and blog pages.  These have been blossoming up right, left and centre and this has been made possible by the fact that there now exist free online hosting accounts.

Yet another massively popular type of websites that never fails to make it to the top ten type of website and their differences article is the informational websites.

Basically, just as the name implies, these types of websites deal predominantly with the dissipation of news and current info. It may be a paid for website or it may even be free.

Flash Websites Vs HTML5 Websites

To sum up, we want to talk about two types of websites that are a darling child to tech-enthusiastic and they go by the names of HTML5 website and Flash websites.

Their differences are miniscule and they mostly affect the ease of use and the uniqueness to the end user who then end up choosing one type over the other.

Stay here to learn more top ten websites and their differences and get ahead!


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