Top 4 Tools For Tracking Outbound Links

Outbound links are the sets of hyperlinks that link your site and all its contents to other related and non-related sites out there on the global domain.  Learning how to properly and effectively track and monitor this links is vital to the success of your SEO strategy.

During the course of the next couple of paragraphs we are going to mention some of the amazing tools that are out there and which we can use to ensure that you are headed in the right way and in for success in your endeavors.

It is our earnest hope that it is only a short matter of time before you land yourself a cushy and lucrative spot on top of the Google rankings and then experience the real rewards and benefits therein.

First and foremost, let us make it succinctly clear that there are two ways of going about tracking the outbound links from your web site.

The first and easy way involves making use of tools for that tracking outbound links that have been specially programmed to do this and the other way is only attainable by the adept programmers and it involves sifting through the source code of the data and Meta data of the website.

It is important to track your links so as to avoid getting linked or associated with untrustworthy sites that will only serve to dampen your efforts of establishing yourself as the authority figure in your line of specialization.

Outbound Links Tracking Tools

1. Yahoo Site Explorer

Provided your domain is verified by the Yahoo! System you will be able to view and access all information about all the links that are tied in with your content and you will also be able to accomplish a whole lot of other really neat stuff at no cost whatsoever.

It is worth noting that Yahoo! And Bing make for one powerful force that surpasses even Google by being utterly comprehensive and a tool that does not filter a lot of the pertinent information.

2. Google Webmaster

Although not completely as thorough and accurate as the above tool owing to the limited number of links it tracks, it is still a good tool for beginners to experiment with.

But it is great in that it enables you to easily know whether the sets of organic keywords you have used are on point and whether or not they are working verses the competition you are up against in your niche.

3. Link Diagnosis

It is a well designed, user-friendly checking tool for tracking outbound links that will ensure that you are well on your way to making a huge splashing impact on the World Wide Web.  It is also free but some complaints have been that it doesn’t track all the linked pages.

4. Open Site Explorer

Although we have listed it as being the 4th tool, it is arguably one of the most important SEO strategy tools and it has features that are very much similar to the Yahoo! And Bing outbound tracking tools.

We would like to recommend anyone, whether they are running a small up and coming blog page or whether they want to narrow in better on their potential target market, to make sure they try any one of these tools for tracking outbound links and feel the difference!

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