Top 10 Niches Of Top 10 Popular Websites

Niches are what you should think hard about when you care creating your own websites.  All niches are filled with blogs of different topics that can help you make significant profits.  Some niches are highly competitive while some are lacking in competition.  In order to make the most of out your venture, try out these top 10 niches of top 10 popular websites.

About Personals

Some of the popular niches for websites contain topics that touch the personal aspects of every individual.  These niche markets may include the following:

1.  Health

This is a general market and may include topics within such as weight loss, information on medical conditions, diet and lifestyle tips and much more.  There are plenty of audiences that search the Internet for health and wellness information making it among the top 10 niches of top 10 popular websites.

2.  Sex and Relationships

Advices to a better sex life and relationships always sell.  There are products, tips and advices that can make love more meaningful.

3.  Simple solutions

Everyday life problems and solutions can be a wonderful niche market since people are using the Internet today to get a quick fix.  Topics like “ how to fix a leaking faucet” , “how to deal with stress” and similar topics are included in the top 10 niches of top 10 popular websites.

About Business and Money

The Internet has become a place for people who wish to make and spend less money.  So having niche markets that deals with it can be a total hit.

4.  Online marketing

This is no longer surprising since there are a great number of people who wish to make money online.  This is considered as a giant in the niche and despite its competitiveness, it remains to be among the top 10 niches of top 10 popular websites.

5.  Business (Home Based)

There are tons of people who wish to earn money from home making it a profitable niche.

6.  Wealth Management

A lot of people wish to learn how they can save money and manage their finances so including this as your niche can be lucrative.

Career and Personal Development

A great number of people are seeking for ways on how to excel and develop themselves online.  So, here are some of the top 10 niches of top 10 popular websites under this category.

7. Degrees and Careers

Information on certain jobs and careers can be a rewarding niche market since lots of people are seeking out more in life by taking in this information.

8.  Self Development

People are always after to improve themselves so they definitely want to know read, view and listen to materials that can make them better.

Other Niches

Other than these, there are other top 10 niches of top 10 popular websites that are definitely a hit to audiences such as:

9.  Real Estate

This can be a very hot topic despite the current market situation. You just have to research thoroughly.

10.  Food

Recipes, online cookbooks and party ideas are highly appreciated by online audiences.

All these topics and so much more can help you build a lucrative website that will rank well in search rankings.


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