3 Tools For Tracking Inbound Links

What are some tools for tracking inbound links?  Or rather, the better question we ought to be asking ourselves is what are the roles that they play in our SEO strategy?

Well, in a nutshell, inbound links are hyperlinks that are found linking your own web site to other sites.  They play an integral role in making sure your site ends up being better placed on the rankings done by the numerous search engines.

Inbound Links Tracking

By placing your content higher they make sure that more and more new and unique visitors end up clicking on your pages as they exude relevancy and reliability, beforehand.

Looking back, we can see that it was the search engine Google that first came up with this concept that has now been picked up by virtually all the other search engines, and they conferred your site more authority if it had more quality back links.

Nowadays, no web-based company is allowing itself to be caught out on a limb and without an SEO strategy that does not make use of back linking.  But at the same time we must emphasize that not all suck links are healthy and good for your website.

No, if they come from sites that are not trusted then they might end up diminishing your authority and reversing any positive gains you had made.

Inbound Links Tracking Tools

So without any further adieu, here are the top tools for tracking inbound links with which you can be able to keep proper tabs on your sites’ inbound links.

Yahoo Site Explorer

Asides it being completely free it is also one of the best tools as it provides you with a detailed list of all the comprehensive listings of links on your page too.  There is so much filtering you can do to better organize and continue managing your sites links too.

Back Link Watch

It’s a good tool for cross-analyzing and referring your links but many people have been quoted as saying that it is not as effective or as comprehensive as the other tools we are going to list here.

It is also free and perhaps the thing that makes it to come top on the most-effective tools is that it even goes ahead and displays the anchor text associated with your inbound/back links too.

Open Site Explorer

It comes with both a paid for and an unpaid for option.  It’s a great tool as it enables you to do some really neat stuff like compare link metrics and it even gives you an accurate idea of your entire link volume.

With the free edition there are some things you might not be able to accomplish and that is why there is the better, much improved paid subscription that will surely make a huge positive difference.

By and large, these tools for tracking inbound links will massively aid in simplifying your job and it is entirely up to you to chose the one that you are most comfortable with.

And, from there it will only be a short matter of time before you begin your ascend to the top of Google and/or Alexa ranking!

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