What Does An Internet Marketing Manager Do For Organization?

One of the most important responsibilities of a manager in any kind of organization is to take the charge of whole marketing campaigns in order to secure the positive ROI.  Thus, the same is one of the core responsibilities of an Internet Marketing Manager of an organization.  What are the roles and key responsibilities of an internet marketing manager?  Or, you may want to know the job description of an IM manager.

But, before going into the details of their roles and responsibilities, do you know how to become an internet marketing manager?  How to choose the internet marketing career?

Accepting the “truth” is the primary role of an IM manager.  What kind of truth?  The simple meaning of truth, I mean, is either you know or don’t:  “What to do and how to do?”

What to do if I have to market something on the internet?

It should not be a question that how can an internet marketing manager know what to do.  The very simple reasoning is every organization needs their branding, promotion, advertising, and sales.  Obviously, you are hired to help the organization in their management system.

So, you should know your products and services that your organization is offering.  Then you should have to understand your real market, competitors, customers, and campaigns.

How to execute the internet marketing campaigns?

It is the second big truth that you should be well versed with all the techniques that are required to make a successful campaign.  Obviously, an IM manager needs a team of well-skilled professionals.  But, it is not enough, the key responsibilities here are how to optimize that skills to execute the marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing Manager Job Description

There are various practices involved with internet marketing.  An internet marketing manager follows different practices with different goals.  Goals should be well defined where it’s long-term or short-term.  Goals can also be differentiated as obtaining quick results or somehow delayed results.

It is one of the much needed responsibilities of an internet marketer to know the goals in advance and thus run campaigns accordingly.

Campaigns further can be divided into two types:  Paid campaigns and organic campaigns.  In either case, below are some skills that an Internet marketing manager should have in advance:

Keyword Research

The whole internet marketing campaigns and strategies are based upon keywords whether it’s paid advertising or non-paid advertising.  They should know the importance of keywords and value of keywords.

Other keywords related responsibilities may include:  Finding best keywords, related keywords, low-competition keywords, low CPC keywords, keywords that can convert well, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

How to optimize a web page for the give keywords?  How to write SEO optimized articles?  How to increase the organic keywords of a website?  How to get more clicks from organic search results?

Getting top ranking is not enough.  Most of the time #2 site gets more clicks than #1 site.  It means there is something different and the difference is serving what people are searching.

So, the responsibility of an internet marketing manager is to understand what people are searching and delivering that with securing top rankings in organic search results.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

How to create and manage Google AdWords campaign?  They should know the importance of keywords in PPC advertising whether it’s Google AdWords or Facebook.  They should have the ability to monitor each and every campaign and ability to decide which to stop and which to repeat.

Social Media Optimization

One of the much needed responsibilities of an internet marketing manager is online reputation.  Social networking sites are the best options to make direct interaction with each and every customer and client.

They should have the ability to create awesome profiles over different social media sites.  People often judge you by the number of friends, followers, and likes of your profile page.  A strong social profile usually represents the whole information that a customer would ask.

They should keep up with the trends that have been going over social media.  They should be well versed with finding, organizing, and managing online community around their own products and offers.

They should always look on how to increase the quality of products and services.

Organize Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Progress Reports

It is the final, in many cases, task which an internet marketing manager should have to perform and that is creating and organizing progress reports.  Usually, progress reports are used to satisfy the boss of the organization.


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