What Are Twitter Marketing Tools For WordPress That You Can Use?

Some things just perfectly fit together just like the blogging software juggernaut WordPress and the very popular social network platform Twitter.  As an online marketer, you have to be aware of what are Twitter Marketing Tools For WordPress that you can use so that you can transform your blog into something that will attract massive readers or visitors.

Twitter Tools

Learning about what are Twitter marketing tools for WordPress can assist you in optimizing your online marketing campaigns through social media.  One great example of these is Twitter Tools which is a plugin that can provide you with lots of cool and functional features.

This feature plug in lets you shorten your website URL by utilizing Bit.ly as well as add “#” or Twitter hastags to your tweets.  This tool also allows you to publish weekly and even daily digest of tweets into you blog site.

Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget is another tool that you can use on WordPress to make your blog nicer and more interesting to clients.  You have to know about what are Twitter marketing tools for WordPress so that you can make a good choice.

This tool lets you track frequent visitors to your blog.  This can be most helpful so that you can establish social relationships online, build communities and even reward active visitors with more publicity.

Tweet Plug-In

By learning about what are Twitter marketing tools for WordPress, you will surely come across Tweet Plug-in which can be utilized to add “RT” or retweet button to your blog posts.  This can help the visitors on your account to tweet your existing posts into their own accounts letting your marketing efforts spread so easily.

This tool can also be set to shorten URL so that you can post new blogs to your Twitter account each time.  The great thing about this tool is that it can help you monitor the number of users who have retweeted your posts by utilizing the button.  This will create awareness on how popular your blogs are.

WordPress Greetbox

Essentially, you have to know about what are Twitter marketing tools for WordPress that can work on your advantage for best marketing efforts.  One of these is the WordPress Greetbox that helps you identify the location of the visitors to our website.

This tool can also send a PM or personal message that you can set via the admin panel.

For instance, a visitor come across your blog through a Twitter link, they will be presented with a certain message that can be a terrific way of welcoming visitors to your home business on the web.

This is just one of what are Twitter marketing tools for WordPress can do for your Internet marketing campaigns so better make use of one now so that you can optimize your search rankings and your revenues as well.

Having knowledge of what are Twitter marketing tools for WordPress can assist you in managing your Twitter for social networking campaign.  By having these tools, you can easily establish a community which will help you gain more influence on the web.


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