What Are Demonstrative Communication Barriers And How To Remove That?

Demonstrative communication barriers are considered as complexities, hurdles and numerous obstacles that result ineffective communication.  It will lead misunderstandings and misperceptions and convey negative thoughts o others.

Demonstrative communication barriers lead to negative or ineffective communication and sender will not convey his right message to others.  Due to communication barriers receivers cannot understand the right concept of the message.

Barriers of Demonstrative communication

It is important to understand the Demonstrative communication barriers and learn how to remove them to make your communication effective.  There are numerous demonstrative communication barriers that result ineffective communication that include:


Noise is one of the greatest demonstrative communication barriers in effective communication.  If you need to convey information to a person who is standing next to a blaring mike, can you convey your message to him effectively?

No, you cannot convey your message due to blaring mike.  You cannot deliver effective speech to your audience or listeners in noisy auditorium just because of noise.  Noise is a big hurdle to convey right information to your listeners.

Receivers may misinterpret the meaning in noisy atmosphere.  Teachers cannot deliver their lectures properly in noisy class rooms.

They want complete silence to convey their thoughts in the minds of students.  Noise is considered as an external communication barrier that will lead to ineffective communication.

Wrong interpretations

Wrong interpretation is also a major barrier in effective communication.  If sender fails to convey his message, listeners will interpret it in wrong way.  Misunderstanding will occur that lead to negative communication.

Wrong interpretations can affect the foundations of relationships.  Receivers or listeners must give proper feedback or response to the speaker and remove all misunderstandings and doubts before ending the meeting.  Receivers should clear everything before ending conversation.

Ignoring the content

Speakers should be focused on the core content of the speech.  Content makes the speech effective, clear and interesting.  You must analyze what you are speaking to your audience, focus on content.

Speaker should use funny and interesting words in the mid of his speech that involve the listeners in speech.  They need to focus on the content of speech because if they ignore the content, they will not convey their thoughts or ideas in the minds of listeners.

Avoiding the Listener

If speaker is going to ignore the listener, they will not hear their speech attentively.  They will not show any concern to their speech.  Speakers should adopt best way of communication style that grabs the attention of listeners.  They should not ignore their listeners if they want to have proper communication.

Low pitch and tone

Speakers should adopt low tone and pitch to convey effective message to their listeners.  If they use high pitch and tone, they will not convey right meaning of their speech.  They should adopt clear and crystal tone to convey right kind of information to their listeners.

They should also need to give proper pause after some sentences of your speech.  It will lead to convey proper and correct information to your desired audience.

You can make your speech effective and meaning full to avoid defined communication barriers.


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