Bloggers, Use Your Mobile When Away From Computer!

How many times has it happened to you that an idea pops up into your head just when you are away from your computer?

You don’t have control over things. An inspiration can come anywhere, an idea can strike at the strangest of places and a thought can flash anytime anywhere.

But you longer need to miss your computer!

Yes, with mobile phones turning into mini computers, you can pour out your ideas and blog at any hour of the day and at any place. You don’t need to be home in front of your computer or even try to remember what had come to your mind when you were munching on your favourite snacks in a restaurant this evening.

I have never thought that I would ever discuss the strange habits of people surfing the internet on the go. But with the fact that more and more people find info, read blogs and browse social networking sites through their mobiles while travelling to office or way back home, I felt the need of sharing this with you.

However, I personally was never convinced with the idea of blogging on mobile. But ever since I’ve bought Samsung Galaxy Note, I couldn’t resist the temptation of surfing the web on the go. J And needless to say, I love it!

No need to feel disappointed if you do not have a Samsung Galaxy Note because you can blog on any smart-phone. Simply download a WordPress Mobile Pack plugin and start blogging from your mobile phone. How easy it is!

WordPress Mobile Pack Plugin

WordPress Mobile Pack plugin is a complete tool kit that can mobilize your blog. The plugin works on almost all versions of WordPress and includes a range of features that help it adapt to device you’re using.

The plugin pack has a mobile switcher suggesting mobile or desktop presentation. In addition to this, it also has a standard mobile theme, custom colour variations, advanced themes for Android, iPhone and Palm devices, a mobile admin panel, device adaptation, a mobile ad widget, mobile analytics and much more.

Now you can jot down the points and draft your ideas as soon as they strike your mind regardless of your location. Save it in drafts and make necessary changes before posting.

The best part is that you now have the desktop and mobile versions of your blog. So, install WordPress Mobile Pack plugin in your smart phone and start blogging while moving.

Make your blog mobile friendly and see a boost in traffic.

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