Top 4 Challenges In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is such a phenomenon these days but there are also major challenges that digital marketers have to face each day.  These issues need to be addressed to make the most of the campaign but what are these challenges?  Here are the top challenges in digital marketing along with possible solutions.

1.  Creative Investments

One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is the great need for creativity.  Although it has provided advancements and high ROI in its first years, the market is beginning to normalize requiring more engaging and creative digital campaigns.

Display platforms are competing for the richest and most creative content.  Of course, this comes with a price so be prepared to face the cost for this beforehand.  This is among the top challenges in digital marketing that should be looked upon to increase sales metrics.

2.  Information Legislation

New online privacy directives for digital marketing are now being forced out for strict compliance making it one of the top challenges in digital marketing.

The main idea is that digital marketers should comply with the up to date and highly visible policies on privacy and should keep track of where the cookies of the websites are actually allotted for.

These are one of the main challenges that legal marketing teams have to face as all information should match with the current status of the digital campaign.

3.  Bidding Issues

There is an expected budget shift on the from the conventional ways of purchasing display platforms where marketers used to purchase impressions on bulk and at a constant rate.

These days, more and more digital marketers are facing bidding in real time which is considered as the top challenges in digital marketing.

With real time bidding, marketers have to value every bid differently on every impression.  This is not a bad thing at all but it is quite new which can pose a challenge to marketers who were used to the conventional practices.

With real time bidding, there can be higher transparency, more control as well as insights which are all essential in achieving success.  As one of the top challenges in digital marketing, this area should be overcome for better outcomes.

4.  SEO and Social

Social signals seem to be playing a more significant role when it comes to the algorithms of search engines most particularly in premium content validation.

With such, marketers need to ensure that they are creating content that clients would want to share with social media friends.  At the same time, marketers should deal with press release optimizations.

This is considered as one of the top challenges in digital marketing as engaging and quality content is required not only in website links but also in social advertising.

More marketers are taking advantage of social environments to build brand and create client relationships.  Having the right content can help establish a long term relationships with clients.

Hence, negativity should be avoided and the quality content should be the focus to come up with a more effective digital campaign.


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