Top 20 Social Media Questions And Answers

It is not the limit of social media questions and answers, but these are certainly the most vital questions for all Internet users.  Either you don’t know social media or want to know more about social media, you can find how these questions and answers on social media help you a lot.

In the past 10 years the social media have got a lot of popularity in the internet users.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have changed the way of communication in the world.  Social media is totally a new thing that has just captured our lives and people have a great addiction for it now.

Almost all kinds of business organizations are now on the social media to advertise their business.  Many kinds of national and global organizations have joined the world of social media.  It is also being used by the education, health, banking, political and many other departments.

There are different advantages and disadvantages of social media too, but as a whole, social media is a great thing.  Many questions arise in the minds of people regarding social media that is why we have selected the top 20 questions and their answers to overcome your doubts.

Social Media is Changing the Way of Communication

1.  How can we meet and stay in touch with people on social media?

We often meet others at different parties, weddings, parks, clubs and venues, but it is very easy to find people who share our interests of social media.  Even if you like the poetry of the 16th century, you will find a group or page related to your interest in social media.

There is a lot of communication that is being happened to social networks, people are expanding their online interaction in face-to-face meetings and making their interaction through social networking.

Researches have revealed that the time we spent on social networking sites is nearly tripled in previous years.  Facebook is the most amazing center to connect people and staying in touch with friends.

Twitter is also playing a big role in providing us the best communication gateway to staying in touch with people.

2.  How can we influence the people?

On the sites like Facebook we can create fan pages and groups to preach our message.  It has been assumed that there are millions of followers on a single page from where they get ideas and information related to different fields of life.

If you are passionate about having a large following then you can come up with a positive message on the Facebook page and influence the people.  On Twitter, some individuals have more than a million followers.

These people just share their ideas in form of text and this idea reaches their followers.  In this way people are being influenced by the groups or individuals from social media.

3.  How can we start and do a business?

It is easier than ever to start a business today and a great credit goes to social media.  We can easily find the passionate employees and collaborators through interest focused Facebook page or a group.

We can advertise our business with the help of little money and get desired results to enhance our business. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter give us a chance to engage with others to promote our business.

4.  How can we get our news?

Those people who use to check Yahoo or Google or an online newspaper sites like BBC and CNN to get news, now the same people are looking at the stories and news of friends and people that are being followed by them on Facebook and Twitter or any other social networking site.

Many sites use RSS feeds to stay up to date on blogs and other publications of interest.

Moreover, by getting our news from social media, we know the person who is recommending that news and we can easily communicate and share our opinions with that person about his news.

Social marketing sites, causes of their success or failure

5.  Which is the most popular social media?

Facebook is world’s number one social networking site, which was in the month of February in 2004.  Facebook was launched by a former student of Psychology from Harvard University named Mark Zuckerberg, and his college roommates.

Facebook comes with the most enhanced features and services that make it the world’s number one social networking site.  Facebook has more than 900 million users in the world and it is said to be the 3rd largest country in the world.

Statistics tell us that every 7.76th person in the world has a Facebook account.  The total value of Facebook is over $100 billion and it is world’s most visited website.

6.  Why Facebook is the most popular social media?

Facebook is the world’s most visited website with the 900+ million users.  The Facebook is said to be the world’s 3rd largest country which will become world’s largest country in the next few years.

Every 7.76th person in the world has a Facebook account and total market value of Facebook is over$100 billion.  Brazil is the most growing country on Facebook and statistics tell us that 80% of friend requests on Facebook are accepted.

Facebook mobile has over 500 million active users and it is the most popular in North America.  These all things make Facebook the world’s most popular social media.

7.  Which social media are an alternative of Facebook?

Statistics tell us that Twitter is the best alternative of Facebook.  There are a big number of people who are using Twitter and many of them have more than a million users.

Twitter is the best platform to share your ideas and thoughts with the people.  Most of the Twitter users have less than 50 followers and following less than 50 people.  The most popular keywords in the Twitter bios are technology, family, education, entertainment and publishing.

More than the 70% of Twitter users are between the ages of 14-26 years old.  Almost 69% of twitter users use iOS smart devices.  These things make Twitter a best alternative of Facebook.

8.  Why Google is failing on social media?

Google Plus is another social media but it is not so much popular in the people and is a biggest failure of Google.  People are more conscious about Facebook and Twitter instead of Google Plus.

The reason is that Google Plus doesn’t provide as attractive features as the Facebook and Twitter provide.

Many people say that the Google Plus is less attractive and does not accord to their standard that is why they are not using it as social media. It is a big failure of Google but Google can overcome it by adopting best strategies.

Hiring out your social media

9.  When is it a chance to seek the services of someone to handle your social media?

There are many companies offering the services of social media but all are not same.  All are built on different strategies and offer different services.  If you want to advertise your business on the social media then your choice really matters.

If someone discovers that any kind of social of media is wasting a big part of your time, money and distracting the priorities, then it is enough sign to find some better media.

Moreover, if a company is providing the solutions of public networking but not suffering from any good outcomes then it is also time to choose better company.

10.  What kind of social media tools are recommended?

The best thing about social media is that you can find any kind of app of your need online through it. is a good site for sharing the pictures and it is getting popularity because it shows the total number of views. is a good site to input some inspirational tweets so that you can make sure you have fresh content.  Tweetdeck is a good way to keep track of clients and favorite people.  You can find many good sites on the internet which are providing attractive services.

11.  What kind of features and qualities to look for?

It has been seen that brands are interacting with their audiences in various ways from the first day.  When you look for the manager of social media, then look for same feature you would always search in any kind of prospective product ambassador.

They need so much expertise in the top social media of time like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

12.  How can you find your customers and prospective customers?

You need to discover that where and in which activities your customers spend their time on the social networks.  What kind of social media they select when it comes to absorbing, discovering and sharing the information.

You also need to figure out that how do your customers spend their times at these social media networks.  Once you have discovered the answers of these questions, you will be able to find your customers and prospective customers.

Causes of social failure of small business of social media

13.  Is social media listening to your audience?

Those business owners who make a social media plan focusing on just marketing & sales issues, they totally miss the boat.  We know very well that no one goes on to the social media to see advertisements or to buy something.

As an entrepreneur, it is your duty to listen to your customers instead of just advertising your products and sending messages.  When you listen to your audience and provide them the products and services of their desires, you become a successful entrepreneur.

14.  Is social media having realistic expectations?

If a small business requires being successful, then they need to deal with realistic expectations.  No one can get rich overnight just because of joining some social media sites and promoting the business.

If you make strong relationships with your customers through social media then you can get success in your business.

Social Targeting

15.  What is social targeting?

Social targeting is a process of taking the contacts of the users and targeting them.  Social targeting is very successful if it is done properly.

Social targeting caters many offers to people.  With the help of social targeting your brands reach the friends and friends of friends of their great value customers.

16.  How do companies target the customers on social media?

It is a very easy process to target the customers on social media.  Companies attract the customers by method advertising their business.

All social networks charge some amount to advertise the business.  By paying the amount of the social sites, companies advertise their media and attract the customers of their desires.

Once the business is advertised on social networking site then it appears in to the accounts of the users of that site.

Those users who get attracted by watching an ad and they desire to buy the product, can easily click on the link provided by social networking site and contact the business.

Some useful information

17.  Why most of the people want to follow more than 1000 people on Twitter?

Users of Twitter follow those people who can give them useful information related to their interests.  If anyone can manage to follow more than 1000 users then it is a good opportunity to communicate with the greatest number of people and share your common interests.

Most of the people follow more than 1000 people just because they want to show to the people that they have a large following on Twitter.

18.  Are schools and universities using the social media?

There are a big number of schools and universities having fan pages and groups on social networking sites.  Social media is a good platform for educational institutes to promote their business.

19.  How can I increase the likes of my Facebook page?

If you own any page on Facebook then you can increase your likes by advertising your page.  If you can’t afford the advertising cost then aging the fiends is a good option.  By tagging the friends your message reaches to maximum people.

20.  Is social media now a part of our life?

A big number of people especially youngsters are using social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  These people have an addiction of updating their status and chatting with friends.

People are purchasing Smartphones to use social networking.  We can say that social networking is now a part of our life.