Top 20 Online Marketing Questions And Answers

There are many people in the world of internet who offer the great services of the online market.  There is a big number of people who call themselves as online experts because they have a great experience in the world of internet marketing and they are experts in building a WordPress website, develop an Adwords campaign, email marketing campaign, Facebook business page and knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Many people are surrounded by confusions regarding online marketing.  However, online marketing is so simple and any determined human can do it easily.  There are different questions, which arise in the minds of people regarding online marketing.

There is a list of 20 common online marketing questions and we have tried to answer the questions to remove your confusions.

Important Elements that lead you to Success

1.  Which marketing elements can be the best option for your business?

If you want to be lucky in the field of internet marketing you should find the ways how to detect best internet marketing services firm from not so good one.

You need to make sure that which of the strategy can help you to get success in this field. Internet marketing starts with data and it is one of the most essential parts of it.  Another essential element is software.

With the help of software you can create attractive features of your services.  A good network is also very important part of internet marketing.  Another essential part is your skills.

It depends on your confidence and skills that pave your way towards success.  So we can say that “Data + Software + Network + Skills = Internet Marketing Success”.

2.  How can Data help me with internet marketing?

It is a fact that online internet marketing starts with the collection of data.  Your one website is not a treasure on the web, there are a lot of elements which determine whether you are likely to get a good traffic on your web or not.

If you are a good firm then you will be able to figure out that how much web traffic you can get on your site.  For this purpose SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you a lot.

3.  How much Software is important in online marketing?

Software can help you a lot in the online marketing.  With the help of software you can create attractive features to attract customers to your website.  You can not only depend on the content of your website.

Software can help you to design your products and services in the best way.  You can suggest getting good software with an experienced person.

4.  What is the importance of your Skills?

This is your confidence, determination, positive attitude and good skills that play a central role in getting the success in the world of online marketing.  Your skills will help you to attract more and more customers to your website and in booming up the sales.

If you are unskilled, then of course you will not be able to get success in the world of online marketing.  But if you are skilled, success will kiss your feet.

5.  What is the role of a good Network?

A good marketing strategy requires a lot of time whether you do it yourself or try the service of outsourcing.  You can hire someone to provide best services to your business.  A good networking is always a key factor to get success in the world of online marketing.

If you can connect your clients in the real world then it is obviously very good for your goodwill.  With the help of good marketing, you can stand a much better chance of success yourself.

Reaching your Target Market

6.  Who are your target customers?

Choosing the best online marketing tool is the only way to get success when you know your desired customers can be found online.  If you get in contact with social networking sites like creating a page on Facebook and introducing your products and services to the people is one of the best ways to reach your target customers.

A LinkedIn group that discusses the challenges of your target market is also a very good way to reach your desired customers.  If you are passionate about your business then of course you can reach your desired customers.

7.  How to reach your target market?

Reaching your target market can be done on a minimal budget.  You just need to undertake some research.  To reach your desired market you need to undertake market research.

You need to use both kinds of market research including primary and secondary.  To reach your target customers you can create a good marketing plan for your business, services and products.

Find out that where your market is and what would your customers respond to, just do this and 50 percent battle will have been won.

8.  How to reach your Target Market in the situation of Down Economy?

Getting the customers who are ready to buy your products is the common process in any kind of economy.  It starts when you understand the exact requirements of your customers.

If you don’t know what makes your customers tick and what is the biggest problem of them, then you can get into a huge problem.

You will not know what your desired customers want to buy and what they are willing to pay for, until you figure out the exact factor.  In this case you need to devote your time in the market research.

Ways to find Customers

9.  Is developing a business plan necessary?

Developing a business plan is very necessary; you just need to consider that who can create the ideal customers.  If you sell businesses then figure out that what department is most likely to buy your services and products?

Who are your customers and what are their needs?  What circles do they travel in?  Once you figure out all these things then you will be able to develop a good business plan.

10.  How many paths of success are there?

There is only one path which leads you to success.  The sales happen when your prospective customers hear about your services and products.  There are several different ways and sources to endorse your products.

The more often your customers hear about your services and products, the more likely they are to consider what have you to offer in the case they are ready to buy.

11.  Is there any shortcut?

There is no short cut in the world of internet marketing.  It takes lots of patience, self-control, determination and waits to get success in this field.  Those people who try to jump with the help of shortcuts, they always fell down.

The best way to get success in this field is to do a lot of struggle and hard work.  This is the only key to get success in the field of online marketing.

Getting traffic to your website

12.  How can I get traffic on my website?

There are many ways to get a huge traffic on your website.  The best solution which is adopted by many experts is to properly optimize the website to get organic traffic.  It means that traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will appear on to your site.

A good way to achieve this is to make certain that your site has a good variety of quality optimized keywords content such as articles, reviews, e-books, podcast, videos etc.

13.  Should I join a program of traffic exchange?

Those people who have attained success in the field of online marketing, they never prefer choosing the system of traffic exchange.  Getting the desired audience to your website is a long and steady process which takes some time.

Once your business has gone in the eyes of 1000+ customers then your booming period starts.  It can be the time when your business will rise and you will be able to generate several thousand dollars a month.

Online marketing requires Passion, Determination and Hard work

14.  What is the best marketing method?

You cannot find any best marketing method.  The only best marketing method is that works in the best way for you.  The main thing is to keep yourself determined and passionate about getting the audience to your website.

The best skills can be the best marketing method for you that really work.  You get the fruit of your real hard work.

15.  Why people are not responding to my website?

It has been assumed that your ad is seen by the people in the seven times, on average.  That does not mean that people will automatically buy your products and services after watching your ad for the first time.

Only relevant customers can buy your products and services that are in need.  You need to keep yourself calm and determined.  It is a steady and long way process to get success in the field of online marketing.

16.  How long before I start making money?

This question is very difficult to answer because there are many elements involved in this steady process such as passion, talent, determination, organizational skills and work habits.  There are many individuals who come online and make a great sum of money very quickly.

This is only possible because of a great investment, positive attitude and determination to stand in the hard times.  Those people, who cannot stand in the bad times, can never attain success in any kind of business of the world.

Those people who are courageous and have an inner determination to face all kinds of challenges, they finally end up making great money.

Miscellaneous Questions and their Answers

17.  What are the best places for free advertising?

Most of the people have an amazing success with forums.  This is also a fact that you can’t blatantly make forum postings; you are only allowed to promote your website or a blog in the file containing your signature.

Signature is a classified advertisement you write about your business and it is automatically attached to all the forums where you make postings.

The social websites are also very effective but if you want to advertise your business for free, then it again takes a lot of time and you’ll be required to have patience.

If you create a page on the Facebook and provide all kinds of information about your products and services then you will be required to make little investment if you need an instant access to success.

But if you can’t afford the expenses of advertisements then you can send friend requests to those people who have followed in thousands.  Those people who have been following in thousands can be a great tool for free advertisement.

You will be required to tag these people in the posts of your pages; all the tags go to the each of the friend of the person who is tagged.  For example if you have tagged a person who has 5000 friends on Facebook, it means that your post will be seen by 5000 people or maybe more.

If you choose the Twitter to advertise your business then you need to create a huge number of followers who can see and read your every post.  Those people who will see your posts will get attracted to your products and services.

18.  Do I need a website to sell online?

The answer of selling your website depends on what your goal is and what are you trying to accomplish.  You can definitely sell online and make money without a website.

19.  How much money can I make with online marketing?

It depends on your skills and efforts.  There are many people who are making more than $20,000 a month and there are people who are doing just $2000.

Those people are also here in the market that just make $100 and sometimes do nothing.

20.  Some useful ideas for marketing online?

You need to write quality and original content for your site including rich articles and keyword/phrase.

You also need to build a web page with targeted SEO keywords with original content.  These keywords will help your site in getting top ranking in any search engine.


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