The Basics Of Linkedin Marketing Guide For Business

The article presents the similarities between using Linkedin and other social networks for marketing purposes as well as personal use.

The average people, especially the young folk, have become nearly glued to the social networks that have spread all over the world.  They chat, exchange videos, messages, music and opinions all the time so, it is only logical that it also represents a great field for the marketing business.

Still, social networks are not all the same and even though if you compare a Facebook marketing guide for business with a Linkedin marketing guide for business, you will find many similarities, there are also quite a few differences that set them apart.

The process that could describe a Linkedin marketing guide for business can be resumed into 4 basic stages: creation, spreading, updating and feedback. The fact that each stage can be divided into many more is a completely separate matter, but these are the four that stand at the basis.

1. Creation

If you placed creation into a Linkedin marketing guide for business, you would describe first and foremost the concept of building an image of what you are offering, be it a service or product.

The same principles that apply to people’s image can be applied in the marketing world, for the promotion of your offers is based on how popular your creation is.  Make sure to present as many details as you can and put them in the best light possible.

2. Spreading

This term refers to the idea of spreading your creation around.  In a Linkedin marketing guide for business it could be called creating awareness or promoting your products, but the main idea is that with social networks, the amount of potential consumers is unlimited.

And the best part is that if you worked hard enough at the creative part and you put your best effort into following through with a solid campaign, the state will be harder, but from then on, things will improve on their own.

3. Updating

When reaching the updating stage of this rudimentary Linkedin marketing guide for business, you have already launched your campaign and should now focus on maintaining the public focus on what you are offering.

Since social networks share so much of the user information all you have to do is keep in touch and show them that you are there if they need help or more details.  It’s all about showing them that by choosing you they will have more to gain than turning somewhere else.

4. Feedback

While feedback is the last stage in the Linkedin marketing guide for business it is also one of the most crucial, because it is the one step that allows you to evolve and bring better services or products to the market.

Through feedback you get to learn what people think of what you are offering and might get a few extra points in credibility if you adjust any of the weak spots of your products.

Looking at this rough Linkedin marketing guide for business, you can develop your own strategies and pick your own direction, but keep in mind that any good construction needs a solid foundation otherwise all will crumble.


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