Get Rid of the Worthless Plugins Now!

What is the most important blogging lesson you learnt in past 12 months?

My answer, “Get rid of worthless plugins now and speed up your blogs!”

You might have heard of many bloggers giving an account of sudden significant boost or drop in traffic. Well, remember, the reason behind this is search engine algorithm updates. The continuous changes in search engine algorithms turn out to be devils for most bloggers.

In such a scenario what I think is- one of the simplest ways to protect your blog from the suspicion of search engines and remain insured for future is to get rid of unnecessary plugins and low quality content.

I’ve already discussed the disadvantages of bad quality content in one of my previous posts. So, here I’ll focus only on worthless/obsolete plugins.

I know each one of those plugins is doing a good job but frankly speaking we can either replace them with the more functional ones or live without them. Here I mean to say that we should either not use the plugins at all or resort to those that are search engine friendlier.

Bid Farewell to These Plugins in 2012


It is a small application that is used as a discovery tool. The best part is that it works with every browser and email too.

But you no longer need to have this plugin especially installed on your blog because it is available for every browser as an extension. If you have it on your blog, it is good to remove it right now.

Facebook Comments

No matter how active you’re on Facebook but don’t you think it will be good keeping your blog’s native commenting system and that of Facebook separate. Facebook Comments plugin takes longer to load as it needs to fetch the data from the networking site.

There are a range of wordpress plugins that might result in slowing down your blog. Depending upon your niche, type of blog you own and loading speed you can choose to either keep or remove them.

But whatever you do, it should expedite your blog and help in search engine optimization.

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