Brief plan to launch a brand’s online presence

A new brand and what it can do.

1. Launch a blog (7 days).

2. Also add a company blog about new announcements, new appointments, events, product and facility launches etc. Just to keep investors connected with the good news. (3 days)

3. eCommerce website: There are tons of solutions to choose from Shopify, Magento hosted. (2 weeks to 5 weeks – depending on the level of customization.

4. Also create a closed microblogging network (powered by – for making announcements and discussing things – without long emails and confusing back and forth communication. We can/should not erase email totally. This is for communication where on-liners are sufficient. Something like – Did you do that? or Talk to HER for TIE-UP.

5. If the team is distributed IRC or Campfire can also be used.

6. Create Twitter account and establishing presence. (7 days)

7. Create Facebook page and establishing presence. (7 days)

8. Create and establish LinkedIn presence by setting up company pages. (7 days) It may take more than 7 days if you are new to LinkedIn and do not have an establish profile. LinkedIn does not let users with incomplete profile and less connections to set up a company pages.

All above steps can be completed within 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the resources you deploy.

Get started with yours.

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