Top Online Abbreviations You Need To Know

If you use social media websites, you must need to know their abbreviations.  Today people use social media websites for their personal or professional lives.  They use the abbreviations of social media websites frequently.  If you do not know about the twitter abbreviation, you should need to learn them.

FaceBook or twitter users often use chat rooms to communicate with their friends.  Twitter abbreviations are very useful in order to communicate with your friends because they help to save your time.

People who are new users of Twitter or face book do not know how to use these abbreviations.  They must learn twitter abbreviations if they want to become regular users of social media websites.  They can easily communicate with their friends through these abbreviations.

Top Twitter Abbreviations with their Meanings

Following are some twitter abbreviations along with their meanings:

CU:  It represents see you

CRB:  It is most popular abbreviation.  It says we come right back.

C&G:  It says chuckle and grin

CNP:  It is using in posting blogs and says “continue to next post”.

BWL :  It is mostly use while laughing and shows bursting with laughter

BTW:  It is used to say By the way

AFK:  This abbreviation is used to say “away from keyboard”

BTA:  It is used to say but then again

BF:  It is used to say Boy friend

BBN:  It is also an abbreviation that is used to say Bye bye now

ASAP:  It is used to say As soon as possible

BBS:  It is the abbreviation used to say Be back soon

AFK:  This abbreviation is used to say “Away from keyboard”

AND:  It is the best abbreviation which is used to say “Any day now”

BBL:  It is usually used to say Be back later

These abbreviations make the communication short and meaning full.  People who are using the social websites must learn these abbreviations.  They can deal their matters within short period of time.

Technical Twitter Abbreviations:

Following are some technical Twitter abbreviations:

•    CC: It is used to say Carbon-copy.  It works the same like an email

•    CT: It is used to say Cutt weet.  Another method of saying partial retweet

•    CX: It represents the term Correction

Industry Twitter Abbreviations

Following are some industry twitter abbreviations:

•    SMO:  It is used to say social Media Optimization

•    YT:  It is the abbreviation of YouTube

•    SROI:  It represents the Social Return on Investment

•    SN:  It represents Social Network

•    FB:  Facebook

•    EZine:  Electronic Magazine

•    LI:  LinkedIn

•    SM:  Social Media

•    SEO:  It represents Search Engine Optimization

•    EM:  It represents Email Marketing

FaceBook or twitter users use abbreviations because it is time saving way of communication.  They can easily complete long chats in short period of time due to these abbreviations.  They can easily communicate with their friends through these abbreviations.


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