How To Use Instagram For Content Marketing?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms in the form of a free mobile app that is currently being used by more than 80 million people worldwide.  Recently, the app was acquired by Facebook, after which significant changes were brought in it, including a redesign for iOS.

There are many ways that business and content marketing is being done via Instagram.  A few important methods about how to use Instagram for content marketing are discussed below:

Strategy for Magazines

Magazines on current affairs, sports, entertainment and various other topics can post certain images from their new issues to attract the attention of the customers.  This is a very efficient method of how to use Instagram for content marketing since images attract more attention than written words.

For instance, a magazine like Time can provide a glimpse into global issues related to politics, sports and other domains of life with the uploaded images and even spark healthy discussion between its Instagram followers.

This strategy is actually followed by Time and other major magazines.  Time recently even organized an Instagram competition between its followers where they were asked to submit Instagram photos related to mobile technology.

Photos of Product Design

Since Instagram is basically a photo sharing app, it is perfect for the marketing purposes of your products.  You can use Instagram to showcase your product design as well as their manufacturing process.

You can share the photos of any latest product that has been developed by your company, or can also share photos of a lesser known product.  A good way to engage your Instagram followers is also to ask them about various aspects of the product and its manufacturing process.

Photos of the equipment that is used in the provision of services and manufacturing of products can also be displayed.  This is quite similar to the content marketing on television since social media is today’s world has become almost as powerful as television.

Manufacturing process

Many people are curious about the manufacturing process of the products they use, particularly the beverages.  Putting up the pictures of the manufacturing process of these products is certainly a good strategy.

Besides, cosmetics developers can also post the pictures of various models that use their products, which would certainly attract the attention of consumers.

Interactivity with Consumers

Interactivity with consumers is one of the most important methods of how to use Instagram for content marketing.

For instance, Starbucks on Instagram asks its followers to submit their photos with Starbucks coffee and this interactivity is highly popular among the consumers.

The facility of campaign-focused hashtag is also available on Instagram which further increases the interest of a common user.

After users from all over the world post their photos, Starbuck picks the winners and posts their photos on their page.

This method of converting your consumers into product and content promoters is extremely efficient in popularizing your products and is being used by many product developers.

Bottom line is that the role of social media has considerably increased since its inception and without proper social media campaign, in this case campaigning via Instagram, you are in a serious danger of losing to your competitors.


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