How To Start Your Career In Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is yet another method of marketing.  It is not different than “marketing”.  How is a Career in Internet Marketing?  What things you should know before starting your own internet marketing career?

The purpose of choosing any career is to earn money, but the question is how much and at what cost?  These two questions are very straightforward and valid because nothing matter if I am not able to justify my present condition and establish a relationship between present and future.

Internet Marketing Career Outlook

The next sets of questions come along this way before starting any career:

1. What it costs to start an internet marketing career?

2. How to get Internet marketing jobs?

3. What would be the job profile as an internet marketer?

4. How much salary I can expect in internet marketing career?

If you are curious to know the answers of these questions or you have any other question, I would like you to read the whole article and make a comment below.

What it Costs to Start an Internet Marketing Career?

There are a few well known sub-branches of Internet Marketing such as SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (social media marketing), PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, Affiliate marketing, and Blogging.

You can start your internet marketing career by getting training in any one of the above Sub-Branches of Internet Marketing, or you get a course in all.  Obviously, getting training in all sub-branches of IM would be very beneficial in terms of long career goals.

The costs of these courses vary with place and medium plus with different institutions.  Anywhere from $100 to $200 would cost you for individual course and $500 to $1000 for a collective course in Internet Marketing.

Duration for these courses will also vary, but would be anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

It is only my expectations.  You can also get training from local institutes which will cost you less money.

How to get Internet marketing jobs?

As both customers and brands are going online these days, opportunities are going huge for Internet marketers.  Finding the jobs in Internet marketing are no longer difficult, the only thing you need is to be well-versed with your job profile.

You can search internet marketing jobs by simply visiting jobs websites or job boards or simply Google the term “internet marketing jobs” or “internet marketing jobs plus your local area name.”

If you are well familiar with the nature of Internet marketing then you probably do not have to search for a job.  You know what I mean, yes! you can start your own online business or become your own boss like Freelancers.

What would be the Job Profile as an Internet Marketer?

It depends on the training programs which you have opted from the above-mentioned sub-branches of Internet marketing career.

SEO (search engine optimization and marketing) – you will work on optimizing the site in search engines and get organic visitors.  I know you are not familiar with these terms at present.  Your job profile would be:  keyword research, keyword analysis, keyword competitor analysis, writing optimized articles, link building, etc.

SMM (Social media optimization and marketing) – your job profile would be to create brand’s profile over different social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), increase fans and followers, and making interaction with clients and customers.

PPC specialist – your job profile would be to work on paid advertising and working on how to increase conversion ratio out of paid advertising such as Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising.

Affiliate marketing – affiliates make a commission on every sale and on per desired action basis.

Blogging – how to create and maintain a blog and how to make more money with that.  The job profile would be to write articles, create links, and finding appropriate monetization methods.

How much Salary I can expect in Internet Marketing Career?

Yeh! I know you might be thinking that why this is the last question whereas this question should be at top.  Salary should be discussed first because it is the ultimate goal of starting any career.

And, I think, you are right, absolutely right.  I would like to let you know that there is no clear-cut salary structure in Internet marketing career.  Nothing surprising!!!

Your quality and quantity of work would be your internet marketing salary.  Two things would happen either you will work for other organizations or work for your own business.  Thus, the share of profits would be different.

If you start your Internet marketing career by doing jobs for others then you can make with simple hands-on experiences around $500 to $1000 on a monthly basis, rest sky is the limit.

Same thing happens as you are working for your own business, you can even make $100 on a daily basis out from your online activities or blogging.


Hope this article justifies your query in terms of providing appropriate answers to your questions.  Above are the basic things which you should know before starting a career in Internet marketing.

I know you have too many questions related to choosing an Internet marketing career path, so why not you ask?  Please ask, you will get an appropriate answer.


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